Thursday, February 14, 2008


Tuesday 7.0 miles/1:02:31/8:56 average pace

I wasn't feeling too hot on Tuesday.. in fact I was literally feeling cold, as in the chills. I was tired too. I thought I was coming down with something and I really, really did not want to run. My legs felt good but I felt exhausted from the first step and had to take a few breaks to rest. I considered turning around early the entire way out but made it to 3.5 miles and headed home. I stood in the warm shower for a long time and still felt chilly. I made soup and grilled cheese for dinner and couldn't even finish mine. Went to bed early and didn't sleep very well. Also, my lower back on the left side has been bothering me since last Friday- I think I kind of strained it doing a stupid core workout from the On Demand tv channel. Obvious lesson here: if it feels awkward and uncomfortable, stop doing it. Don't do 2 more sets.

Wednesday 11.0 miles/1:40:30/9:08 average pace

I felt a lot better yesterday, pretty sure I'm not getting sick. Also, Zach is much better already. So I got off work a few minutes early and started my run at 10 till 5:00. I ran a mile to the trail where I faced the strongest freaking headwind of my life for 4 miles. I'm not exaggerating, it was incredible.

I took note of the following things so that I could convey how windy it was: I had my head tucked down and my body leaning forward the entire time. A couple times when the wind shifted direction I was blown sideways off the trail. The dirt from the trail was stinging my legs as it blew by me. When I spit it traveled a good 20 feet before landing. Cyclist were flying by me the opposite direction at like 50 MPH. My eyes were tearing up and the tears were streaming off my face, along with some snot since my nose had started running. Finally, my pace improved 30 seconds per mile when I finally turned around, even though I "slowed down" to recover from that intense 4 mile stretch. I have no idea what the wind speed was but on the news this morning they said we had gusts of 60 mph. I'm guessing it was at least 20 or 30 mph sustained winds.

Whew. So I finally turned around and enjoyed the tail wind for a couple miles. But then my route takes me off the trail over a giant hill before heading home. I was so tired. I was so over it. I had to really talk to myself and encourage myself. I was so desperate that I was using my "nice" self-talk (i.e., "come on babe, you can do this!") instead of my usual "drill sergeant" self-talk ("suck it up princess!"). Ugh. I wanted to cry.

But I did it. :) Both runs were very mentally tough. But of course being able to push your body for miles and miles when all you want to do is sit down and cry is as important as any other part of the training. I did it. I'm tough.

Ok I don't know how to put a YouTube video right on my blog but check out this link for a little reminder that you, also, need to HTFU. Shamelessly stolen from 21st Century Mom's blog. Contains bad language.. but if you have a problem with that perhaps you should HTFU.

Also, my back is feeling a lot better today. :)

Happy Valentine's Day my loves!


Debbie said...

Wow - that's some wind!! Happy V Day!!

Michele said...

Happy v-day!!!

that is one windy run, I hate running in the wind.

you even run fast sick, can you send some of that speed to me on, oh about, April 26th???? better yet, come pace me!!!!

Judi said...

Jen, you go girl. I hate windy runs like that!!

Arcane said...

enjoy the wind. In Youtube there's a little box called embed which has a thing you can cut and paste. When you're writing your blog, temporarily switch to "edit html" and then paste it in.

Mir said...

Wow, that wind sounds insane. Honestly, of all the things that happen during running like hills, rain, snow, hot, cold, etc., I think wind is THE WORST. I hate it. Way to get through that run, it will make you stronger.

Haha, I've been hearing about this HTFU thing in a few different places. I'll have to try it as a mantra next time I'm struggling during a run. :)

My Life & Running said...

HTFU... love it! Hope you're feeling better asap!

Ewen said...

Nice HTFU'ed run Jen. By the way, Anthonys, Stefans and Teresas may be on the increase in Sydney, but they are rarely sighted in Canberra ;)

If you want to put a Youtube directly in your blog, copy the link on Youtube just below 'Embed' (it starts with <object width... ). Switch from the 'Compose' to 'HTML' tab in blogger, than paste that link somewhere in that window.

miss petite america said...

it WAS windy. i don't even know how you could keep your eyes open!

HTFU...can i get that on a t shirt?

ShirleyPerly said...

Way to hang in there on that windy run! I ran a marathon in Nebraska that had something like 20-30 mph winds the last 6 miles -- exhausting. But the hard stuff is what makes you stronger, I think. I like that HTFU attitude.

Nicole said...

Nice job on the runs. Hope you had a great v-day.

GB said...

I hope you're feeling better and didn't develop the flu. :( Don't worry, some rest days will help you come back even stronger.

I hate running in the wind. In fact we had those winds here too and I wimped out and ran the TM at the gym instead. Windy running just plain sucks, as you can attest! The good news is, you'll be that much faster when it's not windy out. :)

Hope all is well, Jen.

jahowie said...

It has been very windy here too. Nice job pushing through it. I hope that you had a good Valentine's Day. :-)