Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lake Chabot and Secret Goals

Monday 10.0 miles/1:33:00/9:20 average pace

I defintely did not do a Tempo paced run as scheduled, but I think I made up for it with this insanely hilly trail run around Lake Chabot.

Now, I don't do a lot of trail running, so I'm sure some of you wouldn't think it was as crazy as I thought it was, but it was quite an adventure. I did not know how far it was around the lake, nor did I know what route to take (there's a few forks in the trail along the way) but with the help of some local hikers I did it! It was actually only 9 miles around so I ran up and down a big hill at the end to make it an even 10. It was so fun! I love the contrast- one minute I'm chugging like the Little Engine that Could up a hill at a slow but steady pace, and the next minute I'm stretching my legs out, soaring down a slight grade. I jumped across a stream, I waited while a horse and rider passed in the other direction, I rolled my ankle more than once, and I saw the most amazing views. I had the solitude of the wilderness, and then just when I needed it I had the company of a fellow trail runner or a mountain biker. What a beautiful day!

Some marginal quality cell-phone pics:

staging area:


view of Lake Chabot:


There is a trail marathon and 50 mile run in October that ends at this lake - the Golden Hills Marathon and the Firetrails 50. So I have the crazy idea of doing the trail marathon and Zach has foolishly agreed to join me. Mwa ha ha!

While I'm making crazy announcements- here's another! I'm planning on doing Barb's Race- a women's only Half Iron triathlon that takes place the same day as Vineman in August.

Of course I have my work cut out for me. Besides the fact that I'm running the Boston Marathon in April, I have a lot of work to do on a bike that I don't yet own. Plus, you know, the swimming. :) It should be interesting.


Petraruns said...

Wow ambition! You're obviously feeling strong - enjoy it. What a lovely run that trail run looked - variety really spices it all up doesn't it?

miss petite america said...

jesus christ woman! ambitious indeed! but there's no one else i know who could do it than you!

rock on, sister.

jahowie said...

Great looking trails. You have quite the race schedule ahead of you. Too awesome!! Good luck!!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Trail running is a lot more fun than the pavement...and a better workout.

Those are some lofty goals for sure. Make sure to schedule in recovery time between all those big races.

Donald said...

Great pics - and Firetrails is a beautiful race. The trails are calling you!

Chris said...

That's cool that you're planning on doing a half ironman. I've always thought, for some reason, that I should give a tri a shot, but there are the little details of 1) not having a bike (or at least not a tri bike), 2) currently, not having anywhere to swim (the gym's pool is being renovated), 3) sucking at swimming, and 4) not wanting anything to cut into my running schedule. Guess I'll just stick to what I'm moderately mediocre at...

Good luck with the trail marathon and the tri! I would definitely like to get into more trail running.

Benson said...

Dang, i sure wish I was there. Those pics are really good. I'd love me some trail running right now.

Phil said...

The bridge and lake pictures are first rate! You've got real talent to compose those with a phone camera.

ShirleyPerly said...

OMG, what a flash from the past! My family used to go to Lake Chabot quite often on weekends when I was a kid (mainly for fishing, sometimes boating). I remember walking along that trail around the lake and the hills too surrounding it. Very pretty area from what I recall.

Great to hear you're doing Barb's Race. I've been eyeing it for the future myself and will look forward to hearing what you have to say about it. Good luck in training and thanks for the feedback on my video idea!

Ewen said...

You'll love the trail marathon. I'm doing six foot in a couple of weeks. Those type of runs are a great adventure, and no pressure to run fast :)

HIM is big too. The perfect excuse to upgrade the clunker.

Cell phones are like the modern version of the box brownie - a good photographer can work wonders. Nice. Say g'day to Phil if you run into him in Phoenix.

Ryan said...

Wow... you are laying down the big race commitments! Half iron-man (woman)? So awesome. Keep inspiring. The trail running looks incredible. You live one of the most beautiful running parts of the country. (sigh...)

Gotta Run said...

Love the pictures!! Love your crazy thoughts!!! Can't wait to following along with all of that crazy mad training.


Judi said...

Yea! I am doing a half IM in August too, cannot wait. You will love it. LMK if you need help picking out a bike. I am selling my Fuji if you are interested. :)

The 311 Boys Mom said...

OMG!! How Kool & harecore would that be????

I totally think you have this in you!

Its like you were meant to do it.

oh & thanks for being so supportive :o)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have some great goals set! Good luck with all the training!

Loved the pictures. Sounded like a great run minus the ankle!