Monday, February 18, 2008

Weekend Wrap up

Friday 5.5 miles/48:50/8:53 average pace

I ran into a runner friend of mine on the trail so I ended up running a little extra on Friday. Nothing else really to report on that run.

Saturday 16.5 miles/2:31:17/9:10 average pace

Well I picked up another extra half mile on this run to bring my weekly TOTAL to 40 miles!

Zach and I left our house and ran 3 miles together on the Iron Horse Trail, then he turned around and headed home. I continued all the way up to Walnut Creek and then met him for breakfast at our favorite Crepes restaurant downtown. I felt really good but didn't run particularly fast. Oh well. There were tons of people out and I enjoyed the people-watching and jammed out to Bruce Springsteen on my iPod. I felt really fresh at the end- not too tired at all.

After breakfast we headed over to Sports Basement where we shopped for a few items including wet suits. We had a 20% off coupon that expires this weekend so we figured we would seize the opportunity. We are now proud owners of Blue Seventy sleeveless wet suits (me: Reaction, Zach: Helix) which we got for a steal of a deal. I can't wait for the temperature to rise so we can go swimming down at the lake. :) I also bought a new pair of shoes since my order from ZBSports is taking its sweet time and won't be here till later this week. That's fine - I'll certainly still use 'em.

Sunday Zach and I both got up for a bike ride. It's been a while since he rode his precious Trek Madone and so he opted to ride alone instead of with the local group and did about 30 miles. I went my own pace on my clunker and did 9 miles in 40 minutes. Later he was telling me about how much fun he had on his ride and now I'm really getting excited for a road bike. Mine is just such a beast in comparison. I wanna go fast!

Well I have today off for President's Day so I am having a leisurely morning and will head out on my run soon. I am supposed to do 10 miles with 5 at Tempo pace but we'll see. I'll definitely get the 10 miles but no promises on the pace. I might go run somewhere fun.

Here's my schedule for the week (Week 4 already!)

Monday: 10 miles (5 LT Pace)
Tuesday: rest/xt
Wednesday: 11 miles Medium Long
Thursday: rest/xt
Friday: 5 miles Easy
Saturday: 17 miles Long
Sunday: rest

Total planned: 43

I will be doing my swimming and strength training again this week since my side/back is finally feeling 100% better. I missed swimming even after one week!

We are going to Phoenix next weekend to visit family so I'll be doing my long run there. I've already contacted the Scottsdale Running Company and sounds like they have a big group doing long training runs on the canal so I'll go run with them. I've done that once before a couple years ago. That will be a fun change of scenery.

Have a great Monday!


Gotta Run said...

WOW... now that is one strong weekend. Sounds like I hear a new bike in the future. I love my road bike and can hardly wait for it to get warmer.

How is the diet going? Did I miss the update? Sorry if I did.

Petraruns said...

Wow - 40M! You're sounding really strong as well! I'm jealous as I'm out of running for a while until I sort my knees out. Any tips? Have you ever suffered with your knees? I'm going swimming tomorrow so I'm going to give that a shot until the knees heal..

Paul said...

40 mile week and a new wetsuit! Nice work. Good to hear your back is getting better.

miss petite america said...

u make me want to move to concord.

i miss my old trails back in dc. running on sidewalks in traffic just ain't the same!

Mir said...

I was thinking of you during my run on Sunday. Windiest effing run ever. :) I heard there were gusts of 45 mph, so not quite as bad as your run the other day, but it was bad enough! Anyways, I managed to HTFU and get it done. :D

jahowie said...

Great weekend!! I'm glad that you are feeling better.

Judi said...

When you start shopping for bikes, give me a hollar - I have learned so much about road bikes. :)