Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Picture Time: KP SF Half Marathon

Before the race: I walked around Ocean Beach to kill the time and got some good pics:

Race time:
(Zach is the tall guy in the white with the fuel belt)
A rainbow came out for the runners:
Here comes Zach, heading to the finish!

Check out his blog for the race report.


Ewen said...

Being tall makes him easy to spot :)

I have a photo just like that at Ocean Beach (except for the weather).

kelsalynn said...

I love the picture w/ the rainbow! how beautiful!

Thanks for sharing!

The 311 Boys Mom said...

Great job Zach & you for being an awesome specator!!

I'm a professional spectator of loved one's. . . its a gift & I"m always more nervous than any of them!

From Montana??? My son goes to camp there..Camp-Mak-a-Dream, in the summer

RunnerGirl said...

Beautiful pictures!

Brooks said...

I love the pics - especially the 4th one down with the turmoil in the water and the blue clouds above...crazy!!

Sounds like Zach did great! Did he have a good coach or what?? hee hee!!


miss petite america said...

i think your husband is taller than my whole family put together.

jahowie said...

Great pics. It's nice to see some blue skies. Still gray here everyday. Thanks for sharing!!

ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, he is tall! Nice photos too. Interestingly, S.F. looks nicer than when I lived in the area. Must be because I can't feel the cold :-P

Great job on your 13-miler on Sat.