Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And it begins...

This week sort of unexpectedly became the first week of triathlon training for the year- Zach decided we should sign up and start going to Master's class, and since the weather has been nice I've taken my road bike out for the first time in a long while. So I guess I can say that I have officially started down the very long path toward becoming an Ironman!

It's pretty awful timing though... I don't know why we picked this week for new exercise and two-a-days. Did I forget that I have a half marathon on Sunday?! Oops. Not that it was ever really an "A" race for me, but still. I think I'll be alright though- I'm only running on Friday (short easy run) and I'll take Saturday off completely.

My goal for the half is just to run a strong race and finish in what I consider a "respectable" time for me. I would like to finish in at least 1:47 or better, and I'd be thrilled if I could run closer to 1:45. If I could break my PR of 1:43:40 I would be amazed. You never know! Sometimes these "no pressure" races are the ones where the magic happens. If I run a slower time, no worries. :)

So here's the recap of this tri training I'm referring to-

Tuesday: bike
10.7 miles/40:50/15.7 MPH
Windy ride on Springwater Corridor. I was going to do 15 miles but figured I'd save a little energy for swimming.

Tuesdsay: swim
1850 yards/45:30
Master's Class

I wore my watch and stopped it when we were resting between sets. I'm happy with the 45 minutes of actually swimming for the hour-long class... back in CA I used to clock about 55-60 minutes for a 90 minute class. So a better swim to rest ratio.

A quick description of the Barracudas Master's Swim class: Small (5 people besides me and Zach), laid-back ("go ahead and use your fins" was uttered by the coach more than once), short (only an hour long, compared to the 90 minute class we used to take in CA). Of course, it still totally and completely kicked me ass since it was my first time swimming in months. But I think going forward it will be a fun and easy way to get tonzo yards in. I wouldn't mind going several times a week. For now, we'll just be going Tuesday and Thursday nights. :)

Wednesday: run
6.0 miles/52:28/8:45 average pace
Easy solo run along the river.

I'm really excited to be back in the swing of tri training. :) I forgot how much fun swimming and cycling are! Also, this will give me lots more to do during the long lonesome days while I'm unemployed.

Speaking of having stuff to do during the day- two things.

First of all, I officially LOVE my laptop! Yesterday I met Emily at Powell's and we computed and chatted for a couple of hours. Then today I spent the afternoon at a cool local coffee shop computing my brains out. Yay!

Second of all, I got a volunteer gig! I will be volunteering at the local library once a week. I go in tomorrow for training and my regular shift begins next week. It's only a couple of hours a week but I am psyched to have some responsibility and a scheduled commitment. Plus, this will give me something new to add to my resume and maybe I will be able to meet new people for friendship or jobship. :)

Off to meet up with some lovely blogger ladies for happy hour! Will definitely post some pics.


Eric said...

Nothing like a kick-ass master swim class!!! I need to get back myself :-)

Emily said...

Welcome to the digital age homeslice! Can't wait to coffee shop/laptop chill with you again!

Kim said...

you already have a great training base for Ironman! fantastic masters swim!

KK said...

Blogging/chatting/coffee sipping at Powell's and then happy hour with blogging friends? I'm totally jealous. Steve bought me a Barack Obama collectible doll there and I polish it every night :).

Nice workouts! I am so excited for you that your official Ironman trainig has started. It's going to be a great year for you.

And congrats on the volunteer gig too, nice!

kelsalynn said...

You are amazing- I can't believe I will be able to say, "I know a kick ass ironwoman. Her name's Jen."

Have fun during tri-training...I look forward to being along for the ride.

Sarah said...

Good to see you tonight!! And I still love the story about the underwater speakers at your swim class! ha ha

Julianne said...

Good luck with the half this weekend. I hope your beat your expectations!! Also, have fun training for the tri. I'm sure you'll do great. And lastly, it was GREAT meeting you tonight!! Ok, run next week!!!

Petraruns said...

Impressive stuff - well done on it all. Ironman here you go!

And as for the volunteering yay! one thing will lead to the next Jen - good for you!

Ewen said...

Get a pair of glasses and you might get a job as a Librarian ;) Don't spill coffee on your keyboard.

A reverse taper will do you good for Sunday. No pressure, but I'm expecting a 1:42:59.

Anonymous said...

Although training for a tri is a lot of work, it must be nice to switch up the workouts. I would love to do some in the future. My plan is to start biking, do a few duathlons and bike rides and then add swimming.

I think volunteering is great. It gets you out of the house and with others. You never know what connections you may find.

Marathon Maritza said...

I love that 'computing' is now an active verb in your vocabulary...I especially love 'computed my brains out.' LOL

Hurray for Masters swim kicking your ass! Ironwoman-in-the-making, baby!!!

Inga B said...

Congratulations on your volunteer position at the library! That is aweseome! Oh, and all the amazing swims/rides/half-marathon stuff is cool too :)

Amy said...

Congrats on volunteering! Sounds very promising.

Thus begins a long stretch for you (and me I guess) in the IM training but it will all be worth it. Can't wait to read more!

Gotta Run said...

And the workout madness begins.... welcome Jenn :)

Run fast at your half. Have a blast!

ThickChick said...

I think I want to start volunteering too - something I've been meaning to do. Though I like my job, it is not at all what I would describe as a passion and think volunteering with kids or animals might fill a void.

Alisa said...

Wow that is a small swim class!

Great to hang out last night...can't wait to see pics.

Anonymous said...

yay for being on your way to an ironwoman! I would have totally died if I attemtped to swin for even afraction of what you did! great job! good luck on you half this weekend :) I am sure you'll do awesome!

Anonymous said...



N.D. said...

Busy week for you - good luck this weekend!

Beth said...

Nice job getting back to Masters and getting started on IM training.

aron said...

awesome week!!! i am so excited to follow your ironman training... you are so awesome :) YAY for the new computer!! i loooove computing :)

ShirleyPerly said...

Welcome back to tri training. Funny that the title of this post is nearly the same as the one I was going to write next when I begin iron tri training (I'm going to change it now, though :-)

And congrats on your volunteer job. I do think that is a good way network and enhance your resume.