Saturday, January 31, 2009

Columbia River Gorge

9.0 miles/1:12:59/8:07 average pace
Historic Columbia River Highway- Hood River

The drive up to Hood River is about an hour and the landscape is gorgeous. There was ice clinging to the cliffs around the many waterfalls. Some sun was shining through the dense fog. We even saw a bald eagle. It was sunnier out in Hood River but still only about 40 degrees.

The run itself was tough, but the scenery makes everything seem better. We ran the 4.5 miles to the turnaround at a sub-8:00 pace enjoying the long downhills. The way back was much tougher and I was feeling the pace (combined with Friday's fast run). I had one mile about 9:17 on a long climb. We stopped a few times for pictures and to check out the old graffiti in the tunnel (see pic blow, it reads "snowbound Nov 19-27 1921"), but it was still hard. The last mile we got a little downhill again and I ran 7:23.

The rest of the weekend has been really fun and relaxing. We went out with some friends, Zach made brownies and I tried to refrain from eating the whole pan. We watched Spaceballs and Spinal Tap (favorites of mine) and spent some serious time in the hot tub. We just watched the Superbowl and really enjoyed it!

Next week should be pretty intense as I am out of excuses and must start Master's, plus I am hoping to get in some decent rides outside since the weather will be nice. Plus run a bunch. And that push up thing.

total miles for the week: 19 (partial recovery week after half marathon last weekend)

enjoy pics below from Saturday's run in the Gorge


KK said...

Great pix, as always. And congrats on another speedy run, yaaaahoooo!

Sounds like an ideal weekend. Esp the hot tub.

kelsalynn said...

Wow! What a beautiful run... and I think it's funny that your "slacker" of a week ended with 19 miles, which is still a hellofalot!

BTW, I would have eaten the whole pan of brownies.

ShirleyPerly said...

Lovely photos!!!

I have to spend a week at a family reunion in the Stevenson, WA, area (on the other side of the river). I hope it's as pretty. Maybe we can hook up for a run or bike ride? I may be looking for excuses to get away ;-)

the gazelle said...

sounds like a lovely run. Have you ever run at Eagle Creek? I think I'm going to give it a go when it gets a bit warmer. I hiked there last spring & saw a bunch of trail runners.

Amy said...

Those pictures are awesome! I love the tunnel one. Crazy.

Good luck w/ the push-up challenge! (and master's). :)

aron said...

WOW that is an AMAZING run... so beautiful! look at you speeding by in the one pic :)

Marathon Maritza said...

Those are some seriously beautiful pictures! You guys have some great scenery up there!

Beautiful run and I'm glad you're gonna have some good weather so you can get outside. And yay Masters!!

Steve Stenzel said...

Scenery makes EVERYTHING better!!! Nice run!!

Amy said...

....that commercial was hilarious. I didn't see it last night.

pchieng said...

love the picture of the runner in the blur. Makes you wonder how fast she was actually running.

Kelly said...

Gorgeous run! We stayed at that Columbia Gorge Hotel a few years back. Very nice scenery. I'm jealous you're only a few hours from there now. Very cool.

Kelly said...

Gorgeous run! We stayed at that Columbia Gorge Hotel a few years back. Very nice scenery. I'm jealous you're only a few hours from there now. Very cool.

Ewen said...

The pub in Hood River is one of my favourites :) The iced-over falls are amazing.

Great photos again - especially those speedy (blurred) looking ones of you and Zach. Great run!

By the way, I only run 7 days a week because the water in the river has dried up and the melted tar makes riding too hard ;)

Beth said...

If we ever make our way down to Portland I want to run there!

And nice speedy run.

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Those are great pictures. Looks like a beautiful place to run.

Kelly said...

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Alisa said...

Fun times...except for the ice on the cliffs part =).

I think we're going to Lake Oswego this weekend on Saturday for 7 miles on the 7th. It kicks off marathon training for Justin and I. You and Zach are of course welcome. Gazelle and Sarah I think are in.