Monday, January 19, 2009

New Technology and Coast Pictures

So, Friday as I was preparing to leave for my run in the park, my computer shat itself and died. As you all probably know, this is a very stressful and annoying occurrence. Especially when you're easily upset/broke/anal. I tried a few things and finally went for my run in the late afternoon. We consulted my brother and messed with it to some extent and there was nothing we could do- it was a hardware problem or something and it was just dunzo.

We had discussed a lot how we really wanted a laptop anyway, since the whole desk area takes up a lot of room in our minuscule apartment and so I could be free of said mini apartment and could take my "career development business" to local bookstores and coffee shops and whathaveyous. So, rather than fix it we put all the funds into our slick new toy, an HP laptop! G70-250US for those who give a crap. We got it at Fry's in Wilsonville. It's nice and so fantastically mobile! Unemployment just got a whole lot less depressing!!

I got my run in after all, and Zach and I ran an easy 10 miles on Saturday. All is well.

4.0 miles/34:58/8:44 average pace
Forest Park

10.0 miles/1:27:43/8:46 average pace
Waterfront/Springwater Corridor

totals for the week

run: 25 miles
bike: 15.4 miles
swim: 0

(I'm warming myself up to the thought of doing/posting actual biking and swimming. Yeep! ... Hey, wait... Let's flash back to this in seven months when those numbers are enormous and I'm riding more than sleeping and have chlorine coursing through my veins.)

Yesterday (Sunday) we drove out visit some friends on the coast. We hiked around some in the forest, but I didn't have my camera. We drove to the beach near Lincoln City and watched the sunset and there are tons of pictures of that below. It was gorgeous and not too cold at all- a lot warmer than Portland for sure. I couldn't resist the flat stretch of natural beauty and took off in a sprint to the end of the beach. Then I jogged back all giddy. "Didja see me didja see me?" Then I did it again. hehe, I'm such a dork. I felt like a gazelle though, it was rad. Zach did take some pictures the second time and while not particularly gazelle-like they are some cool shots. We found a cute little Mexican restaurant for dinner and then it took a couple of hours of windy dark roads to get home. It was a fun exploring day.

Today we drove out to Beaverton and ran a little, then went to the Aquatic Center and signed up for an annual swim pass. We're starting master's swim class this week with the Barracudas. It's a very nice swim facility out there. Our run was short, hilly, and fast. I was wheezing pretty good and was reminded I should be using my inhaler. Part of the trail went along the creek on this neat extended boardwalk- felt like Yellowstone NP. Anyone?

Monday: run
4.0 miles/32:32/8:08 ave
Beaverton powerline trail and Willow Creek trail

I'm cycling tomorrow and then going to master's and of course watching all the inauguration stuff! My running plan for the week is pretty normal- I'm doing a half marathon next Sunday but I don't really I'm suited right now to run very fast, so I don't know if I really want to or need to taper at all. Don't you need to train to taper?

Picture time!

Happy New President Everyone!!!


Burger said...

Stunning pics - quite envious.

Si se puede!

the gazelle said...

pretty pics! I love that we can drive to the beach.

Congrats on the new computer, too - that's always fun.

KK said...

Wow, those pictures are breathtaking. Looks like it was a fun trip to the coast.

Congrats on the new laptop. And so glad you found a masters group.

Happy training!

Sarah said...

You guys are cute!! And very mobile! You were all over Oregon this weekend!

Jenna said...

Hi Sorry - just creeping :) Great pictures .... sure beats minus WTF here in Canada!!

Cindy said...

beautiful pics- especially the one with all the stones- wow! you know, shat has to be one of my favorite words. sorry your computer broke, but yippee for becoming mobile!

Emily said...

Pretty pics. I love the coast!

Julianne said...

Wow, those are some awesome photos! Some of them are very artsy fartsy, too! Oh, our office is in Wilsonville! Although, I'm staying in Lake Oswego tonight... Anyhoo, yay for a new laptop!! :-)

Petraruns said...

Beautiful new pics - gorgeous environment gorgeous you.

Laptop death happened the week before Christmas for me as well - expensive but hey - I love my new laptop (and I'm backing it up..) xx

Ewen said...

I didgeridoo see you. Great photos. That one of you with Zach in the background is a classic. I also like #2 and the one with you running out of the frame with the sun on your face.

Happy career development, and Happy New President!

D10 said...

Pretty pictures. Hope the new cpmputer brings you lots of luck with the job hunting.

Bob - said...

Awesome Pics Jen and congrats on ur new laptop

Eric said...

Fry's is truely the promise land of computers :-)

Beth said...

Beautiful photos!

Zach said...

I had a great weekend with you! Looking forward to masters this evening - should be "fun" :)

aron said...

wow sounds like a great weekend!! those pics are AMAZING - sooo pretty!

yay for the new comp!!!! :)

kelsalynn said...

I can't believe you ran on the sand...that's amazing. You're one tough cookie. What do you carry your camera in when you run? It must be a tiny camera.

I know it sucks you had to buy a new computer, but it should last you a long while and having a laptop is so convenient.

ShirleyPerly said...

GORGEOUS photos!!

I spent a summer up in Corvallis (OSU internship) and visited the coast a couple times but not that far north. Maybe this summer as we will be in Stevenson, WA, for a family reunion.

As for tapering before a race in which I am not seeking an optimal performance, I don't generally do much except perhaps just take the day off (not cutting back mileage) before if it is a fairly long race (and that is because it's usually a travel day anyway). Good luck on your half this weekend!

Kim said...

wow, looks like i need to take me a trip - it is GORGEOUS there! you are kicking ass - that 10 mile run time is fantastic!!

Donald said...

Love the B&W pics of running on the beach. Awesome!

jahowie said...

Great pictures!! It looks very beautiful there. All I can see here is snow, snow, and more snow!! We haven't had snow like this in years.

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice new computer!!

Beaverton - *snicker, snicker*

And great pics! What a great run!

(I laughed at your long, rambling comment on my blog regarding shucking our feet. I loved that you ended it "this is a gross conversation." I think we (and our feet) could be friends!

Alisa said...

I love the pics! Purrrrty!

Glad you got a new can be a curse and a blessing =).

Have fun with your Master's workouts! I miss them.

(P.S. Hahahaha my word verification is wazzup...too funny!)

Amy said...

Those pictures are awesome! It doesn't even look like Oregon (not that I've been to the coast there but still). Looked very beach vacation-y. :)

Good luck on Sunday. I think you'll do a lot better than you think you will!

Chic Runner said...

Super cute pictures! they are sooo pretty! I am jealous of your location!

Paul said...

Awesome pictures. I love beach runs. Although in warm weather ;) That place looks awesome though

Michael said...

Gorgeous pics -- been there many times (Lincoln City, Newport, Canon Beach) the coast up through Tillamook to Astoria when you get a chance. It's incredible! Congrats on starting tri training...I'm not far behind you, starting on Monday.