Thursday, January 29, 2009

Forest Park Friday

I had the best run this morning in Forest Park. I was flying, it was effortless, it was beautiful, total runner's high. Yay! I'll get to that, but let's back track to Monday and recap the week. I didn't make it to master's class at all but got a lot of good workouts in.

Monday I rested. I was a little sore and have a strong belief in taking days off after races of any length. I loved reading all the feedback on my race report. Thank you!

Tuesday: bike
45 minutes trainer
high-cadence spin

Tuesday I saw on Emily's blog that she's going to do this 100 push up challenge. I think that sounds really cool, and the website kind of sucked me in. So Tuesday night we did our inital test. Zach busted out 25 push ups like it was nothing and I about died after 8. So doing 100 consecutive push ups is a bizarre and hilarious goal for me, but what the hell. We'll see. The website has a schedule for 3 days a week for 6 weeks so I'll follow it until I lose interest or my arms fall off. I'm just kind of incorporating it into my strength training workout.

Wednesday: run
4.0 miles/35:07/8:47 average pace
Easy solo run along the riverfront path. Legs feel good.

Wednesday push up workout Day 1: It went ok, it's pretty straightforward, just some sets of push ups. I was VERY sore the next day though! ha!

Thursday: bike
45 minutes trainer
I was tired and lazy but finally got on the bike in the afternoon. Honestly I took it pretty easy but whatever.

Thursday push up workout Day 2: I was supposed to rest for a day in between, but we got talking about it and decided just to do it last night after dinner. Zach helped me on my form and I completed the workout. I think I'll rest for the weekend and then start Week One over again next week since I didn't get all 3 workouts in this week. Also, it jumps up to like 12 push ups in week 2 and that ain't happening yet. We also got into a crunches competition. I did 43 on the balance ball and then 60 on the floor. I'm going to try to see how many I can build up to on that as well. They have something like that on the 100 push ups challenge website, but I'm just going to do it on my own I think.

Friday: run
6.0 miles/47:41/7:57 average pace
This morning's run was just awesome. Perfect. I drove up to the trailhead of Forest Park -it's only a couple of miles from my house, but if I ran up there I'd have to turn around before I got to the foresty part! I was dressed warm in tights and my cool North Face running jacket because it was only 35 degrees. I had my iPod loaded up with podcasts and music and was just going to run however I felt. Turns out, I felt fantastic!

It is really foggy around Portland today and especially up in the park. It's so beautiful up there anyway, but with the mist hanging in the trees it looks really magical. I just ran on the main trail (Leif Erickson) which isn't too hilly but does gradually climb for the first couple of miles. There were some snowy/icy patches on the trail (the sun almost never hits the forest floor to melt it!)but only in a couple of spots.

I felt great from the beginning and hit the first mile marker in 9:00, not bad considering it is all uphill. I increased my pace every mile after that with my very last mile (downhill) being sub-7. Weee! Another way of looking at the numbers: the first 3 miles I ran in 25:29 (8:30 average) and the last 3 miles I ran in 22:12 (7:24 average). So fun. It was a real confidence-booster, which I admit I kind of needed.

Well, this weekend could have any number of things in store... we haven't decided really. I think we're going to drive somewhere cool to run tomorrow, and then Sunday we might either do a mountain bike ride or go snowshoeing. The superbowl is on but I'm not really into it.. I am going to be rooting for the Cardinals though cause my bff Inga lives in Phoenix and her and her husband are big fans. And they really need the win because their other favorite team, the Coyotes, kind of suck. Haha, just kidding!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone! A special shout out to everyone running races this weekend.... Billy and POM are running a half marathon down in SoCal and the RoHos Maritza, Aron, Julianne, Tara, and Kristen (who shockingly doesn't have her own blog! For shame!) are doing the KP Half in San Francisco (a race I've done and looooved!). Good luck everyone!


Alisa said...

Good times! Glad you had a confidence building run today...we all need those every so often.

As for the 100 push up challenge, I've attempted this challenge like 3 times and never made it very far. Just think about how it'll help you in the pool =).

Emily said...

Hell yes! (I just sang "America....F**k yeah" in your honor.)

Awesome run - I wish every day was like that. Why can't it be? I am jealous - I haven't left my living room yet today. Not even the hallway. I think I'm becoming agoraphobic.

Ewen said...

I'll buy you a Bridgeport IPA if you get to 100 :)

Nice run on Friday - I hope the weekend goes just as well. By the way, I'm also going for the Cardinals - there's an Aussie in the team!

Kim said...

jen - fantastic runs!!!!! you are kicking ass out there in portland. as for this 100 pushup challenge - um are they on your knees - or are they big boy pushups? i wouldnt get past 2.

Inga said...

Just because the sharks beat the coyotes this once ;)??

Good work on the pushups and crunches - I did 3 sets at the end Yoga last night so I totally fell your pain!

M. Brooks said...

Great job with the half marathon last weekend! And good luck with the 100 push-up and sit-up challenges...push-ups can really take it out of you!

Marathon Maritza said...

Awesome run!!! Send me some of those 'great' and 'effortless' vibes for tomorrow! Thanks for the shout out, Coach!

And great job on the push-ups! I can't even do 1 regular one, but I can get through a few on the ball. I be wimpy, you be not wimpy!

KK said...

Congrats on your run, I loooove those runs and wish we could have them all the time. Course if we did, they wouldn't see as good.

screw masters. :)

Fun about the pushup challenge. I absolutely hate pushups and always have to do them the cheating way (knees on the ground). Good luck, I'll be interested to see yours (and Emily's) accomplishments!

Kelly said...

Your run sounded like it was awesome. Good luck with the pushups, I did the initial workout. Day one and then lost interest. You already have me beat. Are you doing full pushups or girlie?

ShirleyPerly said...

Weeee! I could feel the fun you had on your run. Sounds so pretty with all the trees and mist too.

Be careful doing that push-ups challenge. During the holidays I got up to day 2 of week 3, level 3, and then starting having some shoulder and elbow pains. I think to go from doing no pushups regularly for 3 yrs (used to do them alot in karate, though) to 5 sets of 20-25 pushups was probably too fast, esp. when combined with swimming.

N.D. said...

great week of workouts!! I hope that whatever you decided for the weekend was fun!

Susan said...

Finishing fast is always the best part of runs! Good luck on the pushup challenge...I tried it once and couldn't really get past week 3. Probably need to take another stab at it!

aron said...

a very late thank you for the good luck shout out :) i did see this last week just didnt have a chance to comment!

awesome job on the run!!!! LOVE those runs :)

melinda said...

great job on your run! I am glad you got the confidence boost you needed!

good luck on the push up challenge!