Tuesday, January 06, 2009


I just got back from a bike ride and thought I'd post about my cross-training/base training/non-training/strength training plan for the first part of this year.

First of all, I have one run to report

Monday: run
5.0 miles/47:38/9:32 average pace
Slow easy run along the river on a dry afternoon

And here's my ride from today

Tuesday: bike
10.0 miles/49:32/12.1 MPH
Mtn bike ride along the river path in a windy wind

So as I have mentioned, I am not training for a spring marathon this year. I already have mixed feelings about this- I know I swore off marathons for a while (Ironman exempted) but I guess I don't really know how to train for anything else! This is going to be interesting. So here is what I have in mind (the cross-training/base training/non training/strength training mentioned above):

- Cross Training: The words here are a little misleading, because actually this is the swimming and biking I am going to do to prepare for triathlon/Ironman training. In my own personal experience, "cross training" is something that is secondary to running and easily blown off. What I need to be doing is meaningful TRI training. I'm still going to call it cross training though I think. For now. For the next few weeks, my goal is to get in 2-3 cycling workouts of 45 minutes or more a week (outdoor or on the trainer). That will go up as my cycling legs come back. Zach and I will also start swimming Master's twice a week or so starting in February.

- Base Training: Here I mean RUN base training, but the cross training above fits the category as well, as it is all meant to get me in good shape to begin triathlon training in May (ish). I am going to try to keep my run mileage in the 30+ mpw range for the next few months and do several shorter (up to half marathon) races for fun.

- Non-Training: I am really in for a brutal few months of incredibly hard work when I begin training for the Ironman, so I am going to use the first part of the year to just chill. I am going to do all the workouts I described above but in a very loosey-goosey, look-how-much-fun-I'm-having, flexible manner. Save all my mental energy for the summer/fall. I'll probably write up little schedules for certain periods but nothing long-term.

- Strength Training: I am really bad about logging this or posting about it here, but I have started and plan to continue doing core, upper, and lower body strength training several times a week. I have a nice weight room here in the apartment building, and I have all kinds of fun weights and balance balls and stuff in my apt too, so no excuses.

- Bonus: I am serious about losing weight, at least 5 lbs and then we'll see. I think not training for a marathon will really help with this goal because I always eat like a horse while running 50 mpw. When not eating at horse-level I actually drop weight easily, so that's encouraging. I want to be lean and mean and fit more comfortably into my jeans (you like that rhyme?).

So there it is, my plan for the near future. I will start logging my bike workouts along with running but will probably forget to ever log strength training or track my weight, so just assume I'm looking more and more like Jillian from Biggest Loser every day. :) Minus the horse face.


the gazelle said...

I would like to assume that I am going to look more like Jillian everyday, too - but in reality, I will likely be looking more like this: http://chattamom.chattablogs.com/archives/TurkeyBikini-thumb.jpg

Alisa said...

I hear you on the weight loss thing. I think it will really help my joints and my running! Jillian, I love her!

I'm excited to hear about your tri-training since I'd like to do a tri in the summer, maybe late July or August sometime.

Burger said...

'horse face'? ME-OW. (jk)

triathlete huh? pretty hardcore. Will have to just live vicariously through you for now..

For now.

Amy said...

Your cross-training/base-training/non training and strength training all sound wonderful. Great goals!!!! I think you'll do just fine and might even look forward to the non-spring marathon in a couple weeks!

aron said...

yayyy your ironman (woman) training is going to be so awesome to follow! i cant wait :)

i am totally with you, i really want to start throwing in a bit of crosstraining, even if its just once a week... and definitely weights. i used to be really good at them and i miss them! i guess you will find out more in my next post :)

i think your plan sounds great and you will be so ready to train for your main race when the time comes. building a base and enjoying it will be the best thing you can do :)

Emily said...

Hey horse face! You are cracking me up...which is what I need today. Did I mention that I'm going to lose 40 pounds by September? Even if I have to sever some limbs it is going to happen!

Anonymous said...

Strength training I think really helps and you will definitely benefit from it once Ironman training starts. I need to start this back up again.

Sound like you got everthing in order. Great plan.

Cindy said...

ha! horse face is right, but i'd take a little of that to have those abs- without the work of course.
ironman, wow! that is great! you are a stud! i hope we meet up some time too-- are you doing the vancouver lake hm?

Sarah said...

#1 - You don't need to lose 5 pounds! You are perfect. Seriously.

#2 - Who notices her horse face, I can't stop staring at her miner arms!

Ewen said...

Yeah, that's why I don't train for marathons - the hunger drives me to eat too many leaves, resulting in a wombat that can't fit into it's jeans.

Petraruns said...

You look gorgeous anyway so train for the mental benefits - the rest is already there! I too am on WeightWatchers and happy with it so far - and have found the loosey goosey approach to training in advance of marathon training a great way to prime the brain for the focus needed in those intense weeks. 2009 is going to be your year!

Eric said...

"but I guess I don't really know how to train for anything else!"

That is probably a good sign that changing things up will be a good thing :-)

Gotta Run said...

Both of us are in some VERY NEW training places this year with the IM later this fall.

I just ran and rode this week based on heart rate training. I LOVE the plan I selected!!!

Marathon Maritza said...

I loved so many things about this post, I don't even know where to begin.

"In my own personal experience, "cross training" is something that is secondary to running and easily blown off" - this cracked me up for some reason.

I would take on a horse face if I could have that stomach. Well. Maybe not.

I also am planning on losing weight. To fit in my jeans better. And I'm also planning on being better about weights/core stuff.

Gazelle's picture link made me spit on my screen with laughter.

You are going to kick ass as an IronWOman!

Nitmos said...

Base building miles are fun! Try and get as fast as you can at a distance you think is fun to run. Keeps it interesting!

Happy New Year!

ShirleyPerly said...

Ha, running is now more like cross-training for me, it seems. It's the strongest of the 3 sports for me and the thing I blow off most easily since coaches are always telling me to focus on my weaker sports (swimming and cycling). I do need to do more strength training, however.

Look forward to hearing more about your IM training as the year progresses!