Friday, January 09, 2009


Two runs to report!

6.0 miles/47:41/7:57 average pace
In an act of spontaneous speedwork I decided to alternate slow and fast miles. Here's my splits:


The fast miles were very hard, I was really pushing it. I even had to take a few breaks here and there, but that's fine! Not bad for my first effort at fast running since the marathon a month ago.

4.0 miles/35:25/8:51 average pace
Easy run along the river. I didn't look at my watch the whole time which is always a nice way to do an easy run.

I've also done strength training both those days. In fact my arms are kinda shaky right now after probably overdoing it this morning. I skipped my trainer ride yesterday because I was feeling really lazy and blah. Instead, I stressed out about my job situation and watched 3 movies.

I lost about 2 pounds since last Friday's weigh in which is good. I was hoping it would be more because I feel like I ate super good/not too much and worked out a lot. But really I think I'm just deluded by the 30 pound a week weight loss seen on my favorite show Biggest Loser. We'll see how I do this weekend, I'm bad at maintaining any kind of control Friday-Sunday. Which is ridiculous because I don't even work Monday-Friday so to me there shouldn't be any difference!

It was clear and cold today- upper 30's. I don't think there's much rain in the immediate forecast so I'm going to try to spend a lot of time outdoors this weekend. Tomorrow is a long run (10 miles) and Sunday we're planning on going mountain biking in Forest Park. I also have lots of social things planned which is just what I need to counter the unemployment ennui.

Have a wonderful weekend gang! :)


Amy said...

Employed or not, there is just something about the weekends. And I am the worse about eating well on the weekends. Its one of my goals for the IM - to get better about it. Anyway, good job on the speedwork, those miles were fast!

Hope you have a great weekend - socially and training wise. :)

Burger said...

nice! Hope there's still some tread left at the bottom of your feet after those splits!

Eric said...

Biggest Losers is one of my favs too.

aron said...

woo NICE job on that speedy run! i havent gotten any speedwork in yet and i need to. its just so hard for me to do in the dark and its never light when i run :(

i love the biggest loser :) but 2 lbs on you is definitely a lot!! awesome job!

Julianne said...

Yeah, I would NOT complain about losing 2 lbs!! And wow, you are fast. Those are some awesome mile splits!!

Looking forward to meeting you in a few weeks!

D10 said...

Awesome splits! Have this weekend on the run and the mountain biking. You'll have to take pictures! Enjoy the weekend.

Marathon Maritza said...

Have a great weekend too!

Great job on your runs! And also, I am just now watching Biggest Loser (haven't seen any other season.) So good! I want to lose 30 lbs this week too!!!

Ewen said...

I see a sub-7 mile in that impromptu interval session - nice :)

Keeping the weight loss slow and steady is the way to go. Those BL inmates suffer way too much.

Petraruns said...

You're doing fine on the weight loss front - 2lb a week is about as much as you can lose without putting it straight back on afterwards.. And your speedwork makes me laugh - your slow miles are my fast ones!

Keep up the great work - plenty of friends and exercise will keep the ennui at bay. Oh - and planning for London 2010

Sarah said...

Friday - Sunday = freedom.

KK said...

"Instead, I stressed out about my job situation and watched 3 movies."
LOL. Sorry that the job sitch hasn't improved any.

Anyway, HELLO great running splits. nice work!

Have fun this weekend!

Bob - said...

Great Split times speedy, way to go!

Happy 09' Jen

RunToFinish said...

I have a feeling it would be a problem if you lost 30lbs in one week ;) way to go on getting in to the 6's for repeats!

Judi said...

good job on those speedy miles jen!