Friday, May 01, 2009

Garfield, etc

I am going to do another random thoughts type post here since I'm so far behind updating and I have a very full brain. First, here are my training updates for this week:

Monday: run
4.0 miles/8:55 average pace
Easy run on the waterfront

Wednesday: run
6.0 miles/8:02 average pace

Friday: run
4.0 miles/31:14/7:49 average pace
Forest Park

That's pretty much it! I did NO swimming and NO biking. I did resume the pushup challenge though! This stuff will be covered in my random thoughts below. And we're off!

- Pushups: I got all the way up to Week 5 (in like 10+ weeks, I've been repeating the weeks 2-3 times each) and got up to a max of 40 pushups. The, I took basically two weeks off. So this week I stepped back to week 4 and completed it no problem. Ok, actually the first day was really tough, but today was great and I did 45 for my max!!

- Circle of fat: Ugh, I'm once again feeling heavy and unfortunately the scale is confirming this. For the past few years I have this annoying cycle (if I knew how to insert a graphic I would really make this a circle flow chart): Realize I've gained weight and feel bad/sad, Get motivated and cut back on my junk food and track my food and eat super healthy, lose weight, feel so happy and self-confident!, reward my hotness with beer and fries, the weight drifts up but who cares, I'm healthy, Eat recklessly, Realize I've gained weight and feel bad/sad. I'm back at the start of that cycle right now. I should note that this whole cycle takes place in the range of like 5-8 lbs but I think it is still unhealthy. Plus, I bet that range moves up in baby steps in the coming years! I need to be vigilant to stay healthy. Can I get an amen ladies? Anyone?

- Running is great! Despite being a chunker, I have been running fast lately! For some reason I've been keeping a sub-8 pace pretty comfortably. I start off about a minute slower, then pick it up. I think it's because I've been running lower mileage with no schedule whatsoever. I've just been running how I feel. And that's been like 25-28 mpw all at moderate intensity. For me, about a minute faster per mile than I usually run for higher mileage/marathon training. I think it is a good thing! I hope it is specifically good for half-marathon racing, because I am racing a half marathon this weekend. It will be my third so far this year (really?) and I'd like to see an improvement.

- All this slacking and indulging in delicious local grub and brews and running how I feel has been awesome. But, I think I'm getting close to a turning point. Gotta get this serious triathlete thing going.

- Having a job is awesome. I get to organize stuff and play with maps all day and I get off at 3:30. Sweet x 3. Oh, and I also love dressing nice! It's so fun after feeling like a broke slob for the better part of a year.

- Garfield: I made delicious lasagne for dinner tonight. Am I the only one who thinks of Garfield every time I eat lasagna? I enjoyed him.

- Swine flu: WTF?!

- Lost: WTF?!? So awesome.

- Blogs: I have been falling behind on commenting on blogs but I have been reading them! You are all awesome. Good luck to everyone racing this weekend: Aron in Eugene, Judi, and Michele, and Amy in Cincinnati, and Sun Runner in Cleveland, Susan in Wisconson, and everyone I'm forgetting! Congrats on all the recent success too. You are all very inspiring!

Well I will wrap it up. Thanks for reading and look out for my Eugene half marathon race report after Sunday! :)


Kelly said...

So, I'm in town this next week. When are we getting together? Now that you're all job-by, does it need to be the weekend?

Petraruns said...

Ok - random responses. Weight - I know what you mean and YES it does eventually creep up. I was in that cycle and was brought to an abrupt halt at Christmas when I had gained basically 10lbs.. I've lost it all now but am heading towards bad habits and need to call those a day. So I know what you mean and you just need to tell yourself - no more excuses. Running - great going there! Very promising for Eugene. Give Aron a big hug from me. Rest of life - it sounds good. Diet will be easier with work and ironman distractions.. So good luck this weekend - will look forward to the post!

Ewen said...

I'm no lady, but amen! You're right-on about the increasing baby steps of the circle being the killer.

OK, Eugene is pretty flat... it's a track city, so they should have a good course and competitive field... You're running fast, but not a super amount of miles... I'll take a guess at 1:43:52.

By the way, 45 push-ups is awesome, and you're far from being a chunker!

Chloe said...

Randomness is my middle name :) Great post! So here's my random comments:
Weight. Yeah - that stinks it sneaks up on you like that. Maybe when you eat healthy, throw in some bad stuff too? Maybe it will stop you from falling off the bandwagon. OR instead of rewarding youself with food - try a pedicure. It works for me!!

JOB: That is SO awesome your job is going so well! Yeah dressing up!

Swine Flu: Couldn't they think of a better name for it? Seriously.

Lost: No clue. Missed one episode a few years ago, and never able to catch back up!


Emily said...

I can't believe I'm getting the latest from the blog! If we don't talk today GOOD LUCK tomorrow and have fun. I know you'll do awesome.

Mia said...

Hey Jen - I'm a new reader and it's funny because it turns out that your mother-in-law is married to my fiance's uncle - PHEW! I barely follow that but how crazy is that?!

Anyway - your 'cycle of fat' totally speaks to me. In fact, I was just thinking about that the other day and about how I need to just STAY healthy and as much as possible--in my case, stay on a consistent training program.

Work keeps me in the office WAY longer than is civilized but I'm hoping to make a running come back.

CONGRATS on the new job and SWEET job on the running. I used to live in Portland so its great seeing all the trails and routes that you run ;)

Alisa said...

I hear ya, I've been in a similar cycle since we moved here. I've been really trying hard to track my food intake on TheDailyPlate and learn my habits better =).

Good luck tomorrow, text me what you and Zach are wearing so we can be on the lookout!

Amy said...

3rd half this year? YOu're a machine! Good luck, you'll do awesome.

I think Chloe has some good advise about the eating and weight. I think we all do it or else we wouldn't be normal. Try not to beat yourself up about it. Plus, you look great!!!!!! And you're running super fast.

Mel said...

Circle of, sister!! Long time reader first time commenting! Congrats on the job!

KK said...


Sorry to hear that you're on on the down part of the weight cycle (or would that be the up part?!). Anyway, the triathlon training will definitely help get you back down. But there's nothing worse than feeling that you have gained weight, esp. while running.

You HAVE been running fast though so I hope it pays off in your half marathon again-good luck. LOL at the word "chunker."

I think of garfield all the time, mostly because I am him in human form (love lasagna and napping and being sloth like). Funny.

P.S. I like the random posts-sometimes you just have to get it all in. Glad you are liking the job so far too.

the gazelle said...

apparently we're all in the circle of fat, which is slightly less cool sounding that the circle of life. I'm trying to lose my 5-10 now, too, to get to ultimate fighting form!

Good luck with the half tomorrow - I'm so excited that I get to see you run another one!

Arcane said...

Good luck with the half tomorrow. I was thinking the same thing about weight yesterday. I've lost a couple of pounds since the marathon and ended up eating a costco bag of M&M's over the past week.

kelsalynn said...

I get the vicious cycle thing. I do it too. Right now I'm in an up swing, but I think it's very important that we reward ourselves- there's a balance there. Once you figure it out, let the rest of know okay? =)

I'm so glad your new job is going well... you're in a big transition right now so I'm sure that's going to impact your weight and fitness routines until you find a new routine.


J said...

I understand the weight thing - I totally love to reward myself for hard work and its hard to remember moderation but i think that is key! I am sure you will get on a good system and keep the weight off! Good luck at eugene cant wait to hear about it!

Anonymous said...

The weight thing. I try to eat healthy all the time, however I majorly fall short when it comes to sweets. I try to replace brownies with chocolate soy mile shakes and fruit, but sometimes you just have to give in. When I start to feel like I am going overboard I try and clean things up. Totally feel you.

Anonymous said...

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