Thursday, May 07, 2009

Plan of Action

- Big picture: Ironman Arizona. November 22 2009. Currently about 6 1/2 months away. Oy. It is of course totally intimidating but I've got a plan and I'm biting off small chunks at a time. The over all plan following a training plan from a book called Iron Fit by Don Fink. I have no idea what I'm doing here, but it seems like a solid plan. Anyone? I cannot afford to hire a coach. I have Joe Friel book and it's f-ing nuts, so complicated. But this book here seems really straightforward. It's got a lot of swimming, biking, and running so it's probably fine.

- For now: Baby step #1 is a base training period. The Ironfit book has a 30 week training period broken up into 10 week sections. Base, Build, Peak. What a concept. :P So off we go, on a basebuilding adventure! There's the training, plus I need to shape up and get my body ready.

- Base building: Start riding my bike. Start swimming. Keep running. Specifically, I am joining the gym and am going to start doing a spin class once a week. I am going to be riding with Zach a lot during the week (he just switched to a 7-4 schedule so we can play all afternoon). On weekends, I am going to start riding with Emily and Anne, and check out some local group rides. I'm going to masters 2 times a week. Remember, baby steps. That's a big increase from the ZERO swimming I've been doing the last month. I'll start going 3x a week soon. Finally, I am going to start weight training 2x a week at the gym as well. I'll keep running 3 times a week but I'm going to switch up the intensities more.

- Lose fat: I'm going to lose like 10+ pounds. Seriously, it has to happen. I have gained it slowly over time and I'm sick of it. I am at a point in my life where I need to decide if I'm going to get fat or if I'm going to be skinny. None of this rationalizing anymore. I've gained 10 pounds in the last, say 3-4 years. And that is after gaining a solid 5-7 lbs when I first started running and built some muscle. I'm saying I've gained 15 lbs in the last 5 years. Fuck that. And to the point here, losing weight is going to directly benefit my training.

- Be happy: I am going to be my own best friend. I'm going to have fun with this and enjoy every day of my blessed and wonderful life. I am going to spend as much time as possible with all my fantastic friends, especially Zach. :)

So this week has been good.. I actually feel like I'm getting my rear in gear! I signed up for the Daily Plate which was an awesome suggestion from Alisa. I've been tracking my calories and exercise and stuff. It's a really cool website and makes it kind of fun. I'm going to make sure I'm eating enough, especially as I ramp up the training. But man do my habits have to change. I've been soooooo overdoing it.

I took Monday off, I was actually pretty sore. Tuesday, I rode the bike on the trainer for 30 minutes. On Wednesday, I ran 4 miles in 40:48 with Deana on Marine Drive. Today (Thursday) Zach and I went for a road ride for about an hour. It was weird riding with traffic but I felt pretty comfortable I guess. We went out and back on Naito Pkwy for about 6-8 miles, then rode around Northwest for a few miles. We even rode up Thurman to the Forest Park trailhead- whew! After we got home we walked around the neighborhood enjoying the First Thursday art fair. :) Tomorrow we're going running in Forest Park, Saturday we're going cycling with Emily, and Sunday is a longer run.

Some short notes that didn't get mentioned above:

- It rains a lot in Portland.

- I love my job!!

- Biggest Loser nears the finale.. go Tara!

- Lost nears the finalie.. go Richard Alpert!

And finally, I have to aplogize for not commenting on your blogs lately. I can't keep up! I do read them and loved all the race reports and stuff lately. And to my Portland blogger vixens, what's up!! Let's get together.

Have a great weekend gang! Thanks for reading. :)


Anonymous said...

I have been having trouble keeping up with everyone too!

Not sure if you ever visited Lana's blog, The Fire Inside, but she did IMFL last fall and her journey is well worth the read. You should check it out.

Can't wait to follow your adventure! Glad you are liking the job.

Kim said...

woot woot, let the IM training begin! im so excited to follow your journey to november!!!

hey i was watching Man vs Food and portland was on there - there was a delicious breakfast place featured with HUGGEEEE pancakes, i want to go now!

Amanda said...

Wow it sounds like a big adventure starting up! I also really like The Daily Plate. I don't use it all the time, but if I've fallen way off the wagon and need to keep track for a few days, it's great!

Alisa said...

It does rain a lot in Portland, haha...that made me laugh! Yesterday was insane, sunny, rainy and we got HAIL (like big hail)!

To follow up on our email exchange, you name the time of spin class and I'm there. I'd also like to go back to Crazy Weights (either 24lift or 24Set both classes kick my ass).

I too, need to lose some poundage! I've gained 10ish lbs in 2 years...all since I started running longer distances...WTF!

Maybe the next PB&J get together can include exercise istead beer and bar food =).

Mir said...

Your IM plan sounds hardcore--what an adventure! You sound like you are rarin' to go and you're on track for an awesome summer of training. Good luck shaving off those pounds.

the gazelle said...

I was confused by Alisa's comment that our next get together include exercise instead of beer. How about exercise AND beer?

I also need to lose about 10 lbs. Maybe we need to have a biggest (10 lb) loser contest :)

Next Friday (5/15) I'm reviewing Deschutes, you're welcome to come review with me.

Are you joining 24? I know that you have an earlier work schedule than I do, but Alisa & I are meeting there at 6 AM Wed (swim) & Thursday (weights) if you want to join - not sure if that would work for you, oh employed one.

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

It sounds like you have a good plan for the IM. For you, time on the bike will probably be the biggest must since you already have a deep running base.

Most of all, you are right about having fun with it.

Emily said...

Are you joining 24 hour?? If so YAY! Yes, the pool pretty much sucks, but otherwise isn't too bad. We have to working out together and do classes and on those days you don't want to drive to the other pool we can do swim workouts today. (I need to get to a better pool or just suck it up and jump in the Willamette fgs!)

I am so excited for your plan. It is all coming together and I can't wait to hear more about it. Can you perhaps create a Gantt chart for me?

ShirleyPerly said...

Ha, and people laughed at me for enjoying food logging :-) I use DailyPlate too and love all those little graphs and how easy it is to use since pretty much everything I eat was already in the DB.

Have fun with your IM training. Someone else I know is using that program too but I can't think of who at the moment!

Anonymous said...

Daily Plate is awesome, it's really helpful for tracking and helps keep you balanced. Just make sure that with training you don't under eat. It's easy to do and freaks out your metabolism.

Amy said...

Sounds like big steps, not baby steps. I'm excited to read about how you enjoy (or don't enjoy) training. And I'm here if you ever need me. :)

melinda said...

lately, i have been missing in action.. so i have not been up to date with blog reading. but i think your plan of action seems wonderful and i am sure you will be prepared for an ironman. that is going to be great accomplishment. also, go tara! and i love lost but sooo confusing/wonderful.

Dragonfly on the Water said...

Your a strong women Jen and you can do anything you put your mind to. "Believe" and "do" and remember: all things happen for a reason.

Sarah said...

I'm not going to be happy if everyone works out at 24 except me. And I have to live way far away. Anyone want to take in me and Vaughn? :)

Yes - we all need to hang out again PRONTO! And I like food and beer and excercise. . . seems to be me and Amy every weekend these days!

Also - I love that you're going to be your own best friend. Nice work.

kelsalynn said...

GO TARA!!! I agree! I can't wait for the finale! Eeek!

and who am I kidding---

GO JEN!!! WAHOO for IRON WOMAN Training! Dude, your plan sounds totally solid. You've got this, there's no doubt whatsoever in my mind.

Having fun is the most important part- remind yourself DAILY of how blessed you are to be healthy, to be fit, to be strong.

Ewen said...

For a totally intimidating athlete like yourself the IM has your name all over it!

Yes, maybe don't wait until you're a candidate for BL before getting down to your racing weight ;)

Funny, it hardly rained at all when I've been in the northwest - but maybe that's because it was mid-summer. Remember the old saying: "skin is waterproof".

Billy Burger said...

Good luck Jen...that's insane. Can't imagine going 10-15 hours straight swimming/biking/running. Best of luck girl. The weight thing I'm sure will be a natural byproduct of the training you'll put forth. Try not to stress about it too much. Function over aesthetics.

Finally, a 'no duh' about Portland and an 'awesome!' about your new gig!

jb said...

Wow, Jen! Good for you! I look forward to following this adventure with you. The ultrarunning scene has a lot of crossover with the Tri scene, and so doing one has definitely crossed my mind- can't wait to see how it works for you.
In terms of weight loss, I am curious to see how that works for you as well. I would love to loose 5 lbs but I have a really hard time being an athlete and losing weight.I generally eat healthy, and I will burn 1000's of calories at a time, but unless I cut out carbs (which makes me nuts and weak-feeling) I pretty much stay the same weight. Anyhow, looking forward to hearing what works for someone super active!

aron said...

cant wait to follow you along to becoming an ironman :) so exciting!

Marathon Maritza said...

You? Are going to do awesome! I love your plan, everything looks nice and laid out and organized! Me likey!

Also, you have a weightloss buddy! <3

Also, I was really hearting Daniel Faraday and then bam...the end! Faaack! So I am back on the Richard Alpert train! Perhaps we will need to powwow over the phone after Wednesday's episode?