Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day weekend recap and pics

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday weekend! It's Sunday night here and I'm so glad I have tomorrow off. Here's the recap of the weekend and week and a bunch of fun pics.

Saturday we drove down south of Portland for a long bike ride. We rode through farmland and countryside with a little side trip up to the Mt. Angel Abbey. It was a flat ride until the climb up to the Abbey and then there were some rollers from miles 30-38 or so. I felt really strong on the ride and didn't get tired toward the end like last time. I think the big difference was the heat- yesterday it topped out in the low 70s where last weekend it had been in the mid 80s by the time we finished. I had plenty of water this time and ate extra Clif Blocks which seemed to work well for me.

Sunday (today) we drove out to Hood River to run the Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail. I've been there 3 times before but never during the summer- it was beautiful! There were tons of wildflowers and everything was so green. There were lots of runners and bikers and hikers out. I felt really good even on the long hills and kept a good pace.

Here's the stats:

Saturday: bike
45.7 miles/2:59:47/15.2 MPH

9.0 miles/1:15:48/8:25 average pace

totals for the week:

swim: 1:00 (once for 2000 yards)
bike: 4:50 (1 spin class and 2 road rides)
run: 3:40 (25.85 miles: 4 runs inc. 2 brick runs)
total: 9:30

(plus 2 strength training sessions for about 1:00 total)

My schedule for next week looks a lot like this week did so I won't write it out. I do like this schedule so far. The one thing is I decided I need to start fueling myself better calorie-wise. The quality of my food intake has been fantastic, but I think the quantity is too low. I'm going to add like a good afternoon snack and I bet it helps. I've lost 8 lbs which is great but I'm starting to feel kind of crappy and I think I need to eat more. Which is weird because I've been eating what I thought was a good amount. It's confusing but I'll figure it out. The Daily Plate is telling me how much I should be eating so I need to just make some adjustments and follow that.

Anyway, It's been a great weekend so far here with the bike ride and run and fabulous weather. We've also been enjoying the Rose Festival- fireworks Friday night and all the goings-on. Last night we went out to to sushi and then to a place on 23rd with a bunch of friends. Today we had lunch in Hood River after the run. Then we went to the carnival down on the waterfront this afternoon. I got Zach to go on a big scary ride with me- would you believe HE was the one who didn't want to! It was hilarious. We had snowcones and I played whak-a-mole and won a stuffed monkey. We then got some sandwiches and ate a picnic dinner in the park. We just got back from the rooftop hot tub where tons of people are grilling and hanging out as the sun is setting. Another beautiful Portland day. :)

Here's some pictures from the activities:

Mt Angel Ride (Saturday)

Historic Columbia River Highway Trail (Sunday)

Top of the ferris wheel


Ewen said...

No holiday down here - it was a normal working Monday!

Looks like you're having a good one - lovely weather - Zach seems pretty handy as a bike mechanic. It does look beautiful along the river trail. I remember some superb views of the Columbia - it's an impressive river.

Chloe said...

Thanks for sharing the great pictures! What a scenic ride :) I spent time with my family from Portland this weekend - I can't wait to go and see them!

Have a good monday!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. You have a beautiful area to run and bike around. Awesome job this week. What a huge weight loss too. Nutrition can get tricky. If you are feeling sluggish, I bet more calories are needed, especially since you have been doing so much.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Sarah said...

SO fun! I love how busy and active you guys are. . . now we just need time to hang out!

Petraruns said...

Great pics and a GREAT weekend by the sounds of it - topped off with 8lbs off. Sounds like you could do with some extra food intake though - your workouts are incredible! Well done.

Beth said...

Nice ride! You are increasing your time on the bike quickly!

The place you ran looks perfect for running. Just another place to visit next time I head to Oregon!

Emily said...

Dude, you have lost 8 pounds in like 2 weeks - who are you?!

Josh took me to the Columbia River Highway path on my first visit out here, the first year we dated (5 years ago!). I thought I was going to lose him because he climbed over that stone barrier wall to get his bike helmet that fell, but he got it and survived. It would have been a long fall.

I miss you guys! Sad I missed a fun Portland wknd!

Later, eed

Susan said...

Eight pounds?? Already?? I feel like you just started! Must be all those crazy workouts.

You look so happy in the last pic...looks awesome!

Jo Lynn said...

You are my new hero: you ride ferris wheels. ;)

Amy said...

Freaking GORGEOUS photos! I love seeing where you guys rode/ran. It's really motivating, too.

Mir said...

Wow, you are making me seriously jealous with those pics. Sounds like you had a great weekend. I especially love the running pics (heee). The one with you running and the yellow flowers in the foreground...sigh... :)

aron said...

looove your pics as usual :) another great week of training! and 8 lbs wow!! congrats thats awesome girl!

ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, what beautiful places to train!! I can't wait to be out that way in August. And I know Dave will be looking forward to the cooler temps and lower humidity. Thanks for sharing your fabulous weekend with us. Not sure how much you're eating now but 2000 cals would not cut it for me if I was riding 50 miles. I'd eat 600-900 on the ride itself!

Alisa said...

Wow! Look at all that riding! The trail by Mt Hood sounds awesome. Though the hills make me less likely to want to try it but I'm sure I could handle it.

Wow 8lbs! That's amazing! I decided not to get on the scale until after SD. I am eating healthy and I don't want to obsess over it during taper.

I can't wait til next wednesday when I can come back to spin and brick run! Since that'll be a few days post marathon I probably won't want to push it on the brick run but I'd like to be able to get to 15 minutes and over 1.5 miles.

Amy said...

Great pics!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds like a perfect weekend (minus the flat on the ride - but Zak looked like a pro changing it).

Cindy said...

you guys are a kick a$$ couple!! the ride and run looks awesome. great job on both!! the weather this weekend was perfect.

Anonymous said...

great pictures as usual!!! great job on the workouts and 8lbs is great! I need to get back on track because I have been all over the place with food/nutrition during this training cycle! hopefully eating a bit more helps you feel better :)

Nitmos said...

I'm moving there. My running routes are filled with gray cement and brown houses for some reason. Ahhh, the Midwest!

Marathon Maritza said...

You guys take the best pictures! I love the one of you cycling by the vineyards (vineyards, right?) and by the poppies! <3

You are too cute...I miss you! I'm gonna see you in 4 short weeks! Weeeeeeee!!!!

Bob - said...

Good Times Jen!!!!

... love the pics and sounds great with the pounds loss, you will figure out the fuel... good news is you burn a lot of calories so you can eat moreeeeeeeeee :-)

Anonymous said...

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