Sunday, May 17, 2009


Friday: run
7.0/55:04/7:53 average pace
Forest Park after work. A little tired at first but got in a zone eventually and had fun.

Saturday: bike
44.0 miles/2:50:30/15.4 MPH average
Max speed 31.4 MPH
"North Plains Plus" route from Rubber to the Road
Super awesome long ride through the farm country west of Portland. We rode through fields and forests and there were some fun rolling hills. I felt really good and was having a blast. We kept a good speed going and didn't stop much. I got really tired toward the end and was out of water, but we made it in. It was 85 degrees by the time we finished at like 1:30 pm. We spent the rest of the day chillin and then went went out to dinner in the neighborhood. I had oysters and avocado rolls and halibut and two Grey Goose martinis. It was a wonderful day. :)

Sunday: run
9.0 miles/1:24ish/9:17 average pace
We got up and ran early to avoid the heat. It was beautiful morning and there were tons of runners. Sometimes I think everyone in this town runs. My legs were definitely fatigued but by keeping a slower pace I was able to run the whole thing feeling pretty good. Probably could have drank more water. After the run we went up to a cooking class at Sur La Table. It was so fun! We made a fruit tart.

total training time for week one of the Base phase ...

swim: 2:00 (Masters)
bike: 4:30 (1 spin class + 2 road rides)
run: 3:15 (21.85 miles)
total: 9:45
+ weight training 1:30 total for the week ish?


My new healthy eating habits are a success... I'm trying now to figure out how to have more variety in my meals, especially dinners. All my recipes involve piles of cheese and so forth. This week I got potatoes and squash and feta cheese and lots of other good stuff. I still ate bagels this weekend and I had some cookies my neighbor made, but I think that's fine. I sampled the desserts at the class today too of course. I've been drinking way less (the martinis were the exception) and I think that is making a big difference. Anyway, I lost another couple of pounds this week and feel great.

My schedule for next week is a lot like the last. The times are a little shorter on a couple of the runs/rides which I guess is nice.

Mon: off (weights)
Tues: run- :30
swim- masters
Weds: bike- spin class (w/ Alisa!)
run- :15 brick run
Thurs: bike- :30
swim- masters
Fri: run- :45
Sat: bike- 1:30
Sun: run- 1:15

total: 7:45 (+weights)

Bakeshop desserts class at Sur La Table


kelsalynn said...

Oh man, that dessert looks divine! Almost too good to eat... almost.

Hell of a week(end) girl!! Way to kick ass with your training... you really are KILLING IT!!!

One of my fave things for breakfast is a jalapeno wrap with scambled egg and cheese inside. I usually eat it with some fruit or a glass of juice too.

We're always trying to mix up our recipes and we're trying two new ones this week so I'll let you know how it goes.

Another one of our favorites is a stuffed pepper recipe (we're having it tonight actually). SUPER YUMMY w/ corn, black beans, ground meat, etc.

J said...

That dessert looks AMAZING!! I just had three big cookies and thought I was full but now seeing that I want some!!! yum!! Looks like a great workout week! Nice job!

Billy Burger said...

holy shiate, that looks good.

Some nice running/workouts lately Jen - keep it up!

ps- those jerseys are AWESOME.

Mir said...

Splendid is right! Training, pictures, yummy-looking kiwi-raspberry dessert...all very splendid. You are really on a roll with this training--keep it up!

kristen said...

Looks like a great week of workouts.

That dessert looks good. how fun.

Susan said...

Cooking classes!! How fun! I've only taken cake decorating classes, but I definitely check out the cooking class ads in the newspaper and always think about signing up for one.

Emily said...

That dessert looks awesome - now I have to sign up for a class there too. Great job on the long bike. I'll have to share my Saturday ride with you soon. I'll get back to you soon on doing weights tomorrow. I need to be at Anne's to take the dog out by 6, so I might be able to swing it...

Anonymous said...

You are doing a fantastic job on your workouts. Keep it up. Your shirt is super cute too.

Looks like you guys had fun cooking.

M. Brooks said...

Sounds like you had a great week/weekend of training! I will echo others by saying that your dessert creation looks amazing!

I've been trying to get a hold on my nutrition as well, and I've found that sauteing vegetables (asparagus, squash, mushrooms) with some olive oil and salt & pepper, served alongside whole wheat penne or gnocchi w/ a simple red sauce makes for a quick, easy, cheap and filling meal. Not to adventurous, but it gets the job done!

Great job on the bike - I can't even imagine a 44 mile ride. Thought I was going to pass out this week after an 18 mile ride!

I'm looking forward to keeping up with your Ironman training. You have inspired me to attempt Ironman New Orleans 70.3 next April!

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Now you are making me hungry! :-)

Great job with the workouts!

Amy said...

Oh my gosh, all those kiwi and raspberries! I would've been eating SO much while making that!

GREAT weekend of running/biking! :)

Alisa said...

Oh my that dessert looks soooooooooo good!

Looking forward to spin on Wednesday! Yay!

Kim said...

solid weekly workouts!!! i bet the bike rides are great out in portland. and you totally deserve the martinis and yummy food! :) the tart looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

great job on the workouts this week! I LOVE your jersey!!!! also that dessert you made looks so delish! yum yum!

Cindy said...

beautiful tart!
and i love love your biking top. thanks for posting about the daily plate! i started using it too and i really like it.

Lotusphx said...

Nice work!! Love the cute pics of you guys - and the tart looks fan-freakin-tastic :)

Petraruns said...

great job on the week and finishing it off with a cookery class - girl you are just having fun aren't you? Great stuff!

ShirleyPerly said...

Oh man, that dessert looks YUMMY!!

So glad your training and diet are going well. I really noticed how much better my training started going too once I got a handle on what I was eating to fuel myself. Keep up the good work :-)

Ewen said...

I love kiwi fruit! Looks delicious. I wonder how well a piece would survive being posted to Australia?

Gotta Run said...

You two are just too cute!! I love it!

If you can watch your sugar intake and keep dinner on the lighter side you will see the weight drop off. I promise! Heavy breakfast, medium lunch, and light dinner. Add in two snacks and you have a good balance.

oh... and limit the wine girl. That was the hard part for me :) Something I am still working on.

Beth said...

I want a piece of that tart. Now!

Looks like your start to tri training is going well! I get the same thing with foot cramps in the pool. I think swimming more is the answer but that doesn't seem to be working that well for me lately!

Sarah said...

Yumm! When are we all coming over for dessert?! Also - you guys are so cute! AND I ran on the WF this weekend and kept thinking I'd see you or Emily. Negatory on both! So sad. I miss you!

KK said...

Wow, I am so impressed with your training volume -you are doing so awesome, esp. with balancing it with the new job and ummmm now cooking classes? I am so jealous, that tart looked YUH-mmy.

I can't believe you guys already have to wake up to workout in order to beat the heat-it was scorching here today too-ummm hello, Spring? Have we seen you yet this year?!

Paul said...

Zach looks so domestic! You're whipping up some killer desserts there and rocking the training. Nice work.

Marathon Maritza said...

Great workouts!

And YUMMMMM!!!!!! Can you make me one of those when I come up to visit? Thanks! :)

jb said...

i have a hard time figuring out stuff for dinner too. veggie pizza and ahi salad are some of my favorites. and i always drink more wine than i should. i keep thinking i can be an endurance athlete and still have my 2 glasses a night, but now that i am starting to think 70.3 Ironman I am not so sure!

aron said...

you are going to be a machine come november!! not that you aren't now but this training is no joke :) cant wait to watch it happen!!! awesome job on another great week and love the pics too!