Monday, March 03, 2008

18 + 1

Saturday 18.0 miles/2:37:20/8:45 average pace

I ran on the Iron Horse Trail so that I wouldn't be away from home for too many hours, so I wasn't too excited about the route. It's nice enough but I'm getting a little sick of it. I drove up to Danville and started my run there, heading north for 9 miles to Walnut Creek and then returned. Surprisingly, I had a fantastic run!! I was feeling energetic and focused. I kept a very consistent, strong pace the entire run, and did not even listen to my iPod! It pretty much flew by and I never felt too tired until the last couple of miles. I picked up some bagels and returned home.

Zach is improving a lot and can get around the house by himself. Saturday evening my brother and sister in law came over- she had back surgery done a few weeks ago and can definitely relate to Zach. They brought up a ton of movies and some treats, then we made pizza and compared pain. Unfortunately, she wins hands-down, but we're hoping the doctors can get her back issues figured out soon.

Sunday I wasn't even sore from my long run! After breakfast I decided to get up to the pool to make my first attempt at swimming a mile. A MILE! Holy moly. Well, I DID IT! :)

I am 90% sure my pool is a 25 Yard size, so I looked up that a mile is about 1750 yards, or 35 laps. I wore my watch so I could count laps and off I went. Splish, splash, yadda, yadda, yadda, I swam a freaking mile!! It took me 37:41, not bad! I swam very consistent laps of 1:05 and only took two short breaks to adjust my goggles and swim cap. It was really fun- I can't wait to go even longer. I'm such an endurance junkie.

TOTAL miles for last week (week 5 of my 12 week program): 40 Miles
Plus: ONE mile swimming!

Here is my schedule for this week:

Monday: 5 miles Easy
Tuesday: xt
Wednesday: 12 miles Medium Long
Thursday: xt
Friday: 6 miles Easy + Strides
Saturday: 15 miles (12 @ Goal Pace)
Sunday: rest/xt

total scheduled 38

However, I think I will run another 18 or so on Saturday instead of a shorter Goal Pace run. I don't really have a hard goal for Boston anyway, so I'd rather just work on my endurance. I may run a hilly route and I might run a few miles faster than my usual long run pace, but we'll see. I am not married to the schedule this time around, so I'm just going to do what I want. *crosses arms defiantly* So there.


Danielle said...

Nice times and way to go on your big swim!
I hear you about the Iron Horse. It's a very pretty run, but you can only do it so many times! I live in Pleasanton, so I run mostly on the OTHER side (San Ramon, Dublin) which is not near as peaceful. Hmmm...I wonder if we've passed each other a time or two! :)

Paul said...

Serious run and to top it off with a mile swim! Good on ya! I'm glad to hear Zach is getting around better. Send him my best.

jahowie said...

You are amazing!! To run that fast and be able to swim a mile after!! Great job!! Send me some swimming ability when you get a chance will ya? :-)

Lance Notstrong said...

Swimming is the hardest part!!!

Kelly said...

Hi Jen. I tried to find somewhere to send you an email but I think I'll just leave a comment. Just found your blog thanks to steve runner. And you now have a fan in Omaha NE. I am new to running seriously (dabbled off and on earlier) as of this past year. Hearing you talk about an easy 5miles is great motiviation. Keep it up, from a jealous reader.

Gotta Run said...

No stopping you now!! You are a little machine that only gets faster and stronger.

Nice numbers!!

Keep taking good care of that sweet husband.

Mir said...

Whew, nice going on that mile swim, I can't even imagine. I'm glad Zach is doing good. Good to hear the running is going so well! 18 miles and not even sore, rock on!

kelsalynn said...

You are such a superstar! Wow! You never cease to impress me w/ your endless dedication to fitness.


Ryan said...

WOW... excellent training run. Not to mention heading right to the pool the next day... Your swimming continues to blow my mind. Why would you be married to any schedule? You will be in great shape for Boston.

And I just read up on Zach's situation.... hernia, ugh! Hope he is recovering well.

ShirleyPerly said...

Holy smokes, you're a pretty fast swimmer! Well, considerably faster than me, that's for sure. Great job on the running. Glad to hear Zach's recovering well.

Petraruns said...

Delighted that Zach is recovering so well and ain't you just flying at the moment! Lovely run and then a lovely swim - well done!

Judi said...

Nice times Jen. You are gonna ROCK Boston.

I managed to mess up my ankle in Crossfit this week. I can't run at all. I can barely walk on it. I am bummed. 8 weeks till my marathon.