Thursday, March 13, 2008

Get it right

Monday 5.0 miles/44:18/8:52 average pace

Easy run after work, with 8 ish Strides thrown in toward the end. I'm loving DST- It's been rough getting up for work in the mornings, but super nice to be finishing my after-work runs in the light of day! I'm more of an afternoon runner anyway, so this suits me. :)

Wednesday 12.0 miles/1:39:52/8:19 average pace

The schedule said 12 miles with 7 at Tempo Pace. Ugh- I always screw this up, but this time I intended to get it right.

I told myself "I can do this" and created a strategy. You see, I have mentioned that I tend to run Tempo runs all wrong. That is, I run them much faster than I should, and defeat the purpose of the run. Speed intervals have a place in my training program, but not today. Mile repeats are NOT the goal here. The goal is to run at or a smidge slower than your Lactate Threshold Pace for an extended period of time. This should be roughly equal to or slightly faster than Half Marathon Pace. It's an endurance thing, not necessarily a speed thing. I should NOT need recovery breaks, I should be able to hammer the entire 7 miles out non-stop. My Tempo (Lactate Threshold) Pace is like 7:45-7:55 ish (Half Marathon PR Pace is 7:55). That's not that fast. It's a hard pace to hit though... sometimes I think I only have two speeds: cruising along and sprinting like an animal. I needed to find that middle ground.

Well, I did it!! Hooray! Here's the breakdown:

2 miles warm up in 17:50 (8:55 average)

7 miles Tempo in 54:50 (7:50 average)

Yes!! I started off conservatively- first 4 miles were right about 8:00 pace. Then mile 5 was 7:46, mile 6 was 7:29, and mile 7 was 7:27. Happy dance! I listened to some of Zach's favorite techno music which was pretty awful but I admit it helped energize me and keep me going. Not all runs call for Wilco. :)

3 miles cool down in 27:11 (9:04 average) Listening to a very funny Pheddipidations Intervals episode.

I'm actually a little sore today! I haven't really been sore at all this whole time, including after my long runs. Good to know I'm pushing out of my comfort zone a little. I'm a little worried about getting injured but on 4 days a week I think it's pretty unlikely.

Here's the schedule for the rest of the week:

Thursday: xt (maybe, we are going out tonight so it we'll see)
Friday: 6 miles Easy
Saturday: 20 miles Long
Sunday: xt (I think I'll swim a mile again!)

total planned for the week: 43


ShirleyPerly said...

Way to nail that tempo run! I have a similar problem with them and it's aggravated by huge variations in heat & humidity when/where I run. I have to go by perceived level of effort usually since HRMs chafe me like crazy when running :-(

Good luck on your 20-miler and I've found swimming to be a great way to recover from hard/long runs. That is, before my bike crash.

Paul said...

Tiesto's pretty good stuff! Nice job on the miles. You are racking them up!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

I must agree with Paul on Tiesto...very good, indeed.

Awesome job with the tempo run. You nailed it! Sounds like your running is coming along great.

TJ said... wonder you were in a hurry to get done. :)
Way to knock out the tempo.

Donald said...

Way to knock out the tempo run. I usually dread those workouts, but then feel great when they're done. That's the best thing you can do for marathon speed!

GB said...

Great job on the tempo run, Jen. Honestly, the tempo runs give me the MOST mental stress, I think because you have to run them just right. It's like a constant battle during the run, speed up, slow down, speed up, slow down. Ugh. But they sure do make you stronger!

Ewen said...

You did well Jen - lactate threshold pace is hard to get right. Good to get out of the 'comfort zone' too - it's so easy to slip into that... then over time you need to keep running slower to keep it comfortable!

I hope the 20 miler goes well. Our DST is almost at an end - tough times for an afternoon runner.

By the way, I agree with tj ;)