Thursday, March 27, 2008


First, an easy run

Monday 5.0 miles/45:16/9:04 average pace

Got to run with Zach which was nice. :) The run felt nice and easy.

Tuesday I we went swimming in the morning- I did 500 m (250 crawl, 250 pull).

Wednesday 10.0/1:26:58/8:42 average pace

I drove over to the Pleasanton SportPark after work for my intervals. It's a big collection of baseball and soccer fields with a paved path around the perimiter. It's about 2 miles around, so long enough to not get completely sick of looping around. There's always some games going on and some people to watch, plus there's water and restrooms galore. I like that it's called the SportPark (one word) and over time I've Germanized it and call it Der Sportenpark. I'm so international.

So my workout was a basic 4 x 800 (1/2 mile) with 1/4 mile recoveries.

2 miles warm up in 18:04 (9:02 average)

4 x 800 in 3:25, 3:27, 3:29, 3:23 =average 3:36 (6:52 pace)

Then I still had 5 miles to run. I was kinda tired and it was windy and COLD! I wished I had a long sleeve shirt to throw on. But I just sucked it up and froze. I did one more loop around der Sportenpark then decided enough of that, and ran the last few miles on a dirt canal trail in Pleasanton. It was extra windy there, so not the best choice. I was really glad to be done finally! :) It was a good mental toughness practice, as well as a speed workout. Amazingly, the speed intervals weren't that bad! That's two speed workouts now without cramping, heaving, or crying! Go me!!

This morning I was a little sore, but I got up and went to the gym with Zach for another 500 m. This time I just swam freestyle the whole time.

Tomorrow I'm going to do some easy miles and then Saturday 20 miles. Then I guess it's taper time! It's weird that I"m not burnt out- usually the taper comes just in time. Let's hope I can carry this mojo right on to Boston!


Zach said...

Nice job yesterday - good work getting out and completing those intervals even though it was cold and you were feeling run down :)

ShirleyPerly said...

I think that 12-week program works well for you. I've never gone back to training for a marathon for 16+ weeks and don't think I could do it (too long). I hope to add in some speed work into my running. After reading about yours and others', I miss it!

Judi said...

Great job!! I need to start some 800's too, haven't gotten around to it. Oh, you should get some arm warmers (cyclists and triathletes love them). has some on sale right now.

P.O.M. said...

Taper time - always my favorite (until the taper-madness sets in).

You are so damn fast!
Awesome job.

Ewen said...

Hey Zach! Come on! She didn't say anything about "feeling run down"!

Nice workout Jen. I'd say you're set for a great Boston.

By the way, I hope you say "Der Sportenpark" with a German accent.

KK said...

Love that you coined the park "Sportenpark!" Nice intervals too, especially in the WIND. Go get it, girl!

TJ said...

Nice work.
Enjoy the taper!

jahowie said...

I need some of your dedication. Great job getting the workouts in.