Monday, March 24, 2008

Long Run at Hayward Shoreline

Saturday 17.0 miles/2:34:55/9:07 average pace

I explored a new long run route this weekend and it worked out beautifully. I parked at the Hayward Shoreline Interpretive Center and ran north along the Bay Trail to the San Leandro Marina. The path was mostly a wide dirt path, but towards San Leandro it was paved with a dirt shoulder. The only water/bathroom was at my turn around at the Marina, but I knew that and came prepared. The route is pretty easy to follow- there were a couple intersections, but I headed toward the bay, not inland, and that kept me on track. There were very few people until I got closer to San Leandro, but I did see several bunnies, squirrels, and a ton of cool shore birds.

It was fun and interesting, and the weather was so nice. I didn't run very fast but that's ok. It was my peak week and I was a little sore at first. I also didn't have any snacks (The only things I've been handling lately are Sharkies, and I was out). I brought a Razzberry Clif Shot but knew I would hate it. Boy was I right, it literally tasted like ketchup. Ewwwwww. So I was a little low on energy toward the end, and getting very low on water, but I finished. I drank a ton of gatorade and felt better immediately.

Here's my pictures, take from my cell phone (I was all about the breaks as you can see):

Hayward Shoreline Interpretive Center:
Bay Trail Sign:
Mud flats at low tide:

Northernmost point/turn-around:

Sunday Zach and I went for a little hike and a short swim. My shoulder was sore so I only did kicking drills- 400 m total.
TOTAL miles for the week: 46.15
PLUS: 1000 m swimming
Here's my schedule for this week. Last week before the taper!
Monday: 5 miles Easy
Tuesday: xt
Wednesday: 10 miles w/ Intervals (may do Hill Repeats instead of speedwork)
Thursday: xt
Friday: 5 miles Easy + Strides
Saturday: 20 miles Long
Sunday: rest/xt
TOTAL: 40 miles
So far, my training has been great... I'm on the home stretch, and this is when I'm mostly likely to become injured. This is the key week to not over-do it. I know I will be ok if I'm careful. I'm keeping to my soft dirt trail, going to ice and stretch, and just think positive. :)


P.O.M. said...

YOu run in some beautiful places! Clockin' major miles too!

miss petite america said...

you find all the great routes!

you sound so much more relaxed and en pointe than when training for CIM.

Danielle said...

You are in the home stretch! I used to run that trail when I worked in "The Ward". I'm heading to FL tomorrow, but you've inspired me to get out there and run the Shoreline when I return!

Petraruns said...

It's gorgeous out there - and you really know how to make training fun. I'm interested to read that you ice preventatively - is that what you're doing?

Mir said...

Wow, it's hard to believe it's already almost taper time for you--time flies! Nice run, and have a great week of training!

Paul said...

Home stretch, hang in there! It looks like you have it under control.
Sharkies are pretty good, even if a bit chewy.

The 311 Boys Mom said...

I am soooo jealous of the places you run!

Not to mention your nautral talent. Again you are awe-inspiring. I love how it all just flows & seems so natural for you! (i say seems cause you make it sound just like its nothing to go 17-20 miles a week :o)

And thank you, for being so supportive :o)

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

What a beautiful place to do a long run. Awesome job!

Ewen said...

Thanks for taking time to stop for photos - that looks like a particularly nice place for a long run.

You were right with the 'double yay' on those intervals - excellent times for all of them. Zach is a good coach :)

Brianna said...

It sounds like if you keep with the plan, you'll do great! Hang in there and enjoy the path to Boston!

jahowie said...

I can't wait to get outside and explore new routes. Thanks for posting the pics. Awesome job on the training. You are a huge inspiration to me.