Monday, March 10, 2008

20 miles in Paradise

Saturday 20.0 miles/2:56:05/8:48 average pace

This is one of my favorite runs and one of the tougher ones also. The Paradise Drive loop around the Tiburon Peninsula is about 8.5 miles with rolling hills (and a couple more serious hills). We parked at Blackie's Pasture and I started my run while Zach went for a 5 mile walk. It was 17 miles back to the start, but I continued on the path back to Main Street where Zach was reading at a cafe. I took these pictures on the final stretch and right after I finished. I had such an awesome run! I was strong on the hills, and I kept it together toward the end when I was tiring. And mentally I was focused the entire time. I ran without headphones since it's not safe on this route, so I had nothing to distract me but my thoughts and the scenery. It's a gorgeous area and very, very popular with cyclists. I was about the only runner on the loop, but I saw tons of cyclists. There is no sidewalk or even much of a shoulder, but luckily there is very little auto traffic. The miles flew by and I was just cruising.

This is what most of the actual loop looks like- the road traces the perimeter of the peninsula, but for the most part the trees obscure the view of the bay (this was one of the short stretches with a shoulder):
This is just past Blackie's Pasture heading toward Main St:

I took this picture right after I finished- Golden Gate Bridge:

Tiburon shoreline near ferry landing/Main St:


And working backwards:
Friday 6.0 miles/57:20/9:33 average pace
Just an easy run before work on Friday.
Sunday (yesterday) I went up to the pool for a swim: 1250 m in about 27:30.
TOTAL miles for the week: 43
PLUS 2250 m swimming
It was a great weekend overall- Zach is glad to be more active (walking a few miles a day!), we had a fun day up in Tiburon, enjoyed the beautiful sunny weather, and dusted off the ol' bbq yesterday and grilled some chicken kabobs. Yum! Oh and the Sharks are on a franchise-record 9 game winning streak... life is good. Thanks for reading!! :)


AnthonyP said...

Wow - what a great run and fantastic pictures. We had nothing but rain and wind this weekend.

Mir said...

What a great place to get in a 20-miler. I remain jealous of your running locales. :) Congrats on your great runs!

Petraruns said...

What a beautiful place to run and wonderful news that Zach is improving! You're always an inspirational read!

paul said...

Killer pictures! What a solid run.

Ryan said...

Oh, so jealous. I am quite envious of what the Bay Area offers runners.

Great run, Jen - all on your own with no Ipod! You've got it together and are in great shape. Boston will be a cinch this year.

Phil said...

What a beautiful run! Thanks for sharing all the great pictures. I just loved the shot looking back at the bridge.

TJ said...

Can't get much better than that for scenery. Great pics.

Danielle said...

You are AMAZING! I agree with ipod!?! You are going to rock the Boston!!

Bob Gentile said...

Looks Wonderful Jen...Glad to see ur training is going awesome.

Sorry I haven't been around been a little nuts with my business and trying to get back in the training groove

Take Care & KEEP up the great focus!

miss petite america said...

you go girl! you are gonna so kick ass in boston!

Ewen said...

Great run Jen - it looks like the weather was next to perfect. I like the view of the bridge - is that the SF fog in the background?

Good to see Zach up and about, even if it's just for a walk.

Gotta Run said...

Now that is a solid 20 miler!!! Great job. Are those shorts from Target? They look like a pair I just bought and love!

Arcane said...

Looks nice! Thx for reminding me of the fact that it was nice and warm there. I'm back to wearing long sleeves and pants outside. I wanna go back!

jahowie said...

That is a great run!!! Your pics are always nice. I'd post pics of my running areas, but they are still covered in snow!! :-)

The 311 Boys Mom said...

How beautiful!! I asked my mom on Tueday why we stayed here (michigan) & she said she has no idea, she always thought she'd end up in California & after we visitied, she was sure it was either SAnta BArbara or SanFransisco was calling her name.

My guess, my dad wouldn't move.

My DH was in the Navy, btu stationed in W Virginia & Mississippi, then he moved back home, here.

His retirement goal is North or South Carolina.

I'm undecided....CA is sooooo beautiful!!!!!

20 miles, pice of cake for you, with scenery like that, it has to help make it go by quicker.

Glad to see Zach is up & around.

Judi said...

Gorgeous runny scenery. LOL Jen, one day I am gonna post pics of my long runs. You would die. :)

Oh, and how in the world do you run w/o music? I always have such a hard time during tri's, not being able to listen to music.