Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Update and Pictures of Spring

Monday 5.0 miles/40:39/8:08 average pace

I ran after work on Monday and ended up running my fastest mile EVER in training. My splits were 8:46, 8:24, 8:52, 7:38, 6:58. !!! 6:58 !!! I have never ran a sub 7:00 mile besides in a 5k race. I was in the zone.

Tuesday after work I went swimming: 1000 m in about 22 minutes. I did 5 laps freestyle, 5 laps backstroke, 5 laps breaststroke, and more 5 laps freestyle. After Sunday's 1 mile swim and this workout, my upper body is a little sore today.

Wednesday 12.0 miles/1:47:06/8:56 average pace

It wasn't too bad. I got up at 5:00 am and ran before work. I was very excited to have Steve Runner's latest Phedippidations on my iPod! I've really missed his show the last couple weeks. I can understand his wanting to cut back a little, but he's not easily replaced (believe me, I've spent hours on iTunes looking. For running, nothing compares.) It was an extra long show which was great.

So check out the cool pictures I took over the last few days- this tree is right off our balcony and has bloomed and looks beautiful. I took these pictures on different days with very different-looking skies. Yay spring!

Also, I think I mentioned that I've picked up crochet as a new timer-killer/hobby since Zach's surgery. Check out the craftiness I finished last night:

Speaking of Zach's surgery: He continues to improve and has returned to work as of today. We went in for a follow-up with the surgeon this morning and she said everything looks normal and healthy. She told him to be his own judge regarding activity. He's been walking (2 miles yesterday!) and will probably stick with that for another week at least. He posted a full surgery report on his blog, if you are interested you should read. It's a lot of detail, but I know that's exactly what we were looking for when he first found out about his condition. Hopefully his summary will be helpful to people who search online for such a thing (he's posted it on Slowtwitch Forum as well and there's several people who have responded already). He will continue to update as his recovery progresses.

Peace out!


GB said...

Jen, way to go on the speedy run. Those last few miles rocked! I KNOW it's that 10 lbs. you've lost. CONGRATULATIONS! I have to tell you I gave you some props on my blog. Yaaaay!!!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Glad to hear Zach is doing well.

Love the pictures.

KK said...

I read your blog from time to time and I must say I love the photography (and training updates). Glad to hear your SO is doing better, too. Thanks for posting :).

Ewen said...

So you've crocheted a dish cloth ;)

That 6:58 mile is flying at the end of a run! I had to convert it to a meaningful number - 4:20/km!

You did well with the 18-miler; and the 1 mile swim - that's a lot of laps. Don't complain too much about the Iron Horse Trail - I have a mate in Tokyo who does six or more laps of the park for a long run.

Thanks for the photos. Glad Zach is on the mend. Occasional defiance with your program is OK - I had a smile at that :)

Sarah said...

Flowers...I think I have forgotten what they look like. Winter is clinging to Michigan like grim death. Another nine inches of snow in the forecast for the weekend! Seriously, I feel like crying.

When Fdip went on "hiatus" I turned to a podcast which Steve Runner has mentioned many times: the Dump Runners Club. I think it is also a fantastic podcast.

Mir said...

Those tree pics are gorgeous...I love the contrast between the three different skies. Congrats on the sub-7 during training, you are really doing great!

jahowie said...

No fair. You have pictures of Spring!! We are supposed to get another 8 inches of snow tomorrow!! Great run yet again. You are awesome!!

Gotta Run said...

Alright now... how are you fitting everything in? Running, swimming, and now crocheting!! You are making me feel lazy over here in SC :)

6:58 mile... goodness girl.. now I feel lazy and slow..LOL!!

Great job!!! Keep it up!!

Nik said...

Your runs sound great and I have become a fan of your blog! Its been about a year, I think, since your wrote your entry about being diagnosed with osteoarthritis. (A google search on OA let me to your site.) I was wondering how the osteoarthritis is and how your running is going? In August, I ran the NYC half marathon and I was training for the marathon in November -and then all this OA stuff started in my left knee and running has become painful. How is your OA and is it affecting you? Thanks.

jen said...

Hi Nik, thanks for asking about the OA in my knee. It has been a year and I actually haven't had any problem with it at all. In fact, if the doctor hadn't told me that I had it, I wouldn't have known a thing. My right knee defintely makes some clicking/crunching noises, but it does not hurt! I took a Glucosomine/Condroitin supplement for a while but have stopped. I suppose I'll just continue as usual until it causes problems, which will hopefully be never. Sorry to hear your OA causes you pain- that sucks. My doctor mentioned several options from a shot to arthroscopic surgery to clean out the bad cartlidge. Have you seen a doctor? Hope you improve soon, please let me know!! :)


miss petite america said...

great pics! it's so interesting how things can look so differently in different light.

and man oh man are you fast! seriously! rock on!

Nik said...

Hi Jen - Thanks for letting me know about the OA. My doctor also recommended a series of three knee shots using Euflexxa which is a lubricant. But I haven't done it.

My knee actually doesn't bother me unless I run - and then it does feel a little soft and crunchy. The medical focus on my legs originally started because of IT band problems. The focus switched to OA after the MRI. So, after hearing that you are running well, I'm thinking that maybe I should try to back to running! Possibly, the pain I felt was just the IT band.

While it seems that running - and any exercise - could contribute to cartilage weardown - I am convinced that you are better off exercising than not, even with OA. I workout hard in the gym - 5 days a week - but I do miss running in Central Park.

Take good care and good luck with the runs!

jkrunning said...

Love the pictures. I think the second one is my favorite.

Inga said...

Awesome Pics! Great Job as recovery nurse!! You rock :)