Sunday, March 16, 2008

Another 20

Friday 6.0 miles/56:42/9:21 average pace

My first morning run since the time change, so it was back to my pre-dawn route. I took it really easy with my first mile over 10:00 and then a gradual speed up. I was pretty sleepy.

Saturday 20.0 miles/2:58:01/8:54 average pace

Another 20 miler in the books. This one was easier in terms of hills (there were none) and pace. I kept a comfortable pace and felt good until the final few miles when I sped up a little and pushed through to the end. I ran my go-to 20 mile course: Los Gatos Creek Trail from San Jose to just near the Lexington Reservoir in Los Gatos. It's 10 miles out, then turn around and head back. My first 10 took me 1:31:40- an easy 9:10 pace. My return trip took 1:26:21- 8:38 average. The last three miles were 8:11 average pace. Once again I ran without my headphones! That's three long runs in a row- 58 miles of entertaining myself. It's kind of a cool streak- we'll see if I can keep it going. The run was scenic and there were tons of people out, so it wasn't hard. It was pretty cool here in the Bay Area this weekend - 50's with some wind and drizzle. I actually had a few minutes of hail hit me about 5 miles to go. It was crazy! It was wee little hail, but it stung. We have such mild weather here- I don't think I've ever seen hail in the 5 1/2 years I've lived here. Pretty neat. Zach was out on the trail walking while I ran, he actually walked 7 miles! Then we went out to the best breakfast ever- giant cinnamon rolls and huge omelets. Yummers.

I didn't take any cell phone pictures but there's a ton of Los Gatos Creek Trail in a previous post HERE. Wow.. just looked at that post and last time I ran this same course in almost the exact same time- just 5 seconds faster. That's amazing!

I slept like a rock last night, and woke up just in time this morning to see the Dublin St. Patrick's Day 5k Fun Run go by our house. I stood on the porch and cheered for all the runners and they waved and said "good morning!" right back. It was fun. They were doing a great job, but based on my observations I thought I could probably place pretty well in the race... ha ha. Shoulda coulda woulda.

Zach and I went up to the pool this afternoon for a short swim. I was going to try to swim a mile but I was feeling pretty wore out and decided against it. In fact, I would have bagged it entirely but Zach was persistent. He'd been looking forward to his first swim post-surgery and I didn't want to just sit home. I did 1000 yards in 22:40: 250 crawl, 250 backstroke, 250 pull, 250 crawl.

Tonight we drove down to San Jose again with our friends and went to see the Sharks go for their 12th straight win. Unfortunately they lost but it was a great game. Got to see my first-ever live shoot-out. We're leading the division so no complaints.

Anyway, TOTAL miles for the week: 43
PLUS 1000 m swimming (weak!)

I'm going to Seattle for work tomorrow - should be fun. I have a couple runs picked out and will decide when I get there. Here's my schedule for the week, only 5 weeks to Boston. :)

Monday: 8 miles (2 VO2 Intervals... planning on 4x 800)
Tuesday: xt or rest
Wednesday: 11 miles Medium Long
Thursday: xt
Friday: 10 miles GA
Saturday: 17 miles Long
Sunday: xt

TOTAL miles planned: 46

Despite the shorter long run, this will be my biggest week. Yeehaw!

Oh ya! On Saturday we purchased a new toy, a Trainer- the CycleOps Fluid 2. Zach got it all set up today and rode on it for a few minutes. It is pretty cool. I think it will come in really handy for both of us as we ramp up our bike training for Tri season. Once again, going to the bike shop got me really excited to get a bike. They had the WSD Trek Madone (Zach has the Trek Madone 5.0) and it's super snazzy... we'll see though. I think we're going to start shopping after Boston.

I'm off to bed, got to catch an early flight. Happy St. Patty's day!! :)


Ewen said...

Say g'day to my good mate Frasier when you're up in Seattle ;)

Great 20 miles there - a big negative split, and 8:11 for the last three miles! Well done.

The Fluid Trainer will be just the thing for those foggy SF days.

Mir said...

Nice 20-miler and great job on that fast finish!

Paul said...

You're knocking out those 20 miles like it's nothing! Killer job on the mileage. It's nice to see that Zach is recovering well!

The turbo trainer is great when you're strapped for time or the weather sucks. :)

AnthonyP said...

Grat week of training.

Michele said...

Wow, great 20 miler. Nice negitive split. You are going to rock in Boston.

ohhhh, bike shopping!!! how fun!!!You will love having the trainer. No excuse not to ride.

ShirleyPerly said...

How cool to have a run go right by your house! Way to rock that 20 miler and now that you have a bike trainer and are on the hunt for a new bike, too, you'll be posed and ready to go right into tri training after Boston.

Hey, if you get a chance, will you stop my blog and vote for me? I've decided to enter the second Evotri contest and voting ends Fri, 3/21 11:59PM PST. Thanks and enjoy Seattle!

Danielle said...

Sounds like you had some great runs this weekend! I'll have to try that trail sometime. It looks really beautiful! Have a great trip!!

21stCenturyMom said...

That is some serious milage. Unlike me with 43 mile on the YEAR! *cough* Time to fix that.

A friend and I rode our bikes to the race and visited the FoMo tailgate party. It looked like a well attended run and there were some FAST people - the FoMo elite runners did not sweep every age group.

Petraruns said...

What a run! Who'd have thunk 20M could be so easy? Well done and I like the look of the bike trainer - a new bike will be a great reward for Boston!

jahowie said...

Have a good trip. Nice job on the running and swimming. That's a great average pace over 20 miles!!

The 311 Boys Mom said...

you're toatlly rockin out those 20 milers, but with no music :o)

Ok, in my head it was worth a chuckle.

Great job! & Negative splits. . . .you are on fire!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Nice job with the 20...executed perfectly. Nice to see you running without headphones. I'm guessing that Boston my make them against the rules anyway. Most of the big races are going to that.

Looks like your training for Boston is right on track. Good job!

*aron* said...

I was one of the ones running by on Sunday :) it was my first real "race"... I am training for my first marathon right now so I love reading your blog and seeing what I will hopefully be able to accomplish down the road!! Great job on your runs!

Greg Lanctot said...

HI My name is Greg Lanctot, Race Director for Pacific Coast Trail Runs. I would like to use a few photos from your blog on the Los Gatos Creek Trail for our race registration and website.
Thank you for your time.