Sunday, October 28, 2007

Long Run Week 7: Spooky Fun

Saturday 20.0 miles/2:57:56/8:54 average pace

20 miler: check! Peak week is in the books! I had a really fun run this weekend down in San Jose on the Los Gatos Creek Trail. Zach came along on his bike and kept me company and carried my water and snacks and a camera. I felt really strong the whole time and didn't have any major pains or issues with my sore foot (see previous post). I did develop a monster blister on my pinky toe, but it's healing up already.

I've run the Los Gatos Creek Trail as my 20 miler every time I've trained for a marathon, making this my 5th time out there. During my last training cycle I looked up all my previous times for the 20 mile distance (here and other routes) - here is a LINK to that post. This weekend I ran the distance nearly 5 minutes faster than ever before (in training). I was hoping I'd break 3 hours (a 9:00 pace) but tried not to think about that as I ran an easy, comfortable pace for as long as possible. When it started to hurt- just that general aching you get after running for hours- I picked up the pace. I'm super psyched about my performance and I'm convinced that I'm a better and faster runner than ever. This has been a hard week, and I've been tired and a little sore, but I'm a hard worker and I'm determined and I just friggin love to run. These things will get me through my training and through my marathon and through many more years of kicking ass.

I should mention I also I watched Rocky today, and just watched the Red Sox win the World Series (I am a bandwagon fan) so I'm pretty pumped in general. :) Go me, go Rocky, go Red Sox.

I won't post my individual mile splits, but here's a summary in 5 mile increments:

First 5 miles: 46:01 (9:12 average pace)

Second 5 miles: 45:29 (9:06 average pace)

Third 5 miles: 44:50 (8:58 average pace)

Last 5 miles: 41:36 (8:19 average pace)

Picture share!

And finally, some Halloween shots :) At the pumpkin patch last week, and the jack o' lanterns that we just carved tonight (mine is on left, Zach's is on right).

Today I dropped Zach off in downtown Pleasanton for a group bike ride and then went to the pool for a recovery swim. I did 1000 meters - 250 freestyle, 500 pulling only, 250 freestyle. It was good to get two swims in this week.

TOTAL miles for the week: 55 (yipee!)

PLUS: 1500 m swim :)

Happy Halloween everyone!


Ewen said...

You did well Jen. That last 5 miles was something! Looks like a lovely venue for a long run. You'll run a great marathon.

We missed San Jose on our last trip, but I do know the way there ;)

Halloween isn't celebrated much down here, but happy Halloween!

Mir said...

Wow! It's awesome to see how much you've improved. What a strong run. The pictures look beautiful; I am totally jealous. :)

Meredith said...

Great job on your 20 miler! I've been reading your blog for a while (heard about it on Fdip) and I really enjoy it.I finished my first marathon last Sunday - and it has been inspiring to read about your training. I also watched Rocky I (and II) yesterday - nothing like the Italian Stallion to get me motivated! Here's to "eating thunder and crapping lightning" - good luck with your upcoming marathon!

Zach said...

Glad I could join you on the 20 miler on Saturday (of course the monster cinnamon rolls waiting at the end were an added incentive). You did such a great job, I know you are going to kick ass at CIM!

Paul said...

Looks like a fun run!! Having the support crew there is good too. He can carry the coke! :) Thanks for the comments on my race :) Can't wait to see how your marathon turns out.

Marathon Maritza said...

Great job! I miss that trail! Let's do it for fun after our marathons! (You know I just want a 1/2 lb. cinnamon roll...)


And I love your pumpkins!

Petraruns said...

Thank you for your comments and what a great 20 miler! That must make you feel confident and strong! Sometime (probably after your marathon) I would love to read a little bit more about your training program - why you chose it and what you think? I am thinking I want to do something a little bit more serious than Hal Higdon but am a bit scared of Pfitz.. Seems so serious for a crappy amateur..

miss petite america said...

those are some awesome pics!!! you are poised for a kick ass marathon chica!!

Lauren said...

WOW! I can't believe how much faster you ran for the last 5 miles. That's an incredible feat. :o)

Debbie said...

What a great run...and what beautiful pictures!

jahowie said...

Your pace amazes me!! I hope to be as fast as you someday. :-) Thanks for sharing the great pics too!!

Bob Gentile said...

Great Pics and ya ur pace is SOOO Sweet, ur getting stronger each month--Keep it up, ur doing so awesome!!

Have a Happy "BOOO" day