Friday, October 05, 2007

Montana - So Far, So Cold!!

Thursday 11.0 miles/1:45:00/9:33 average pace

I arrived in Billings early in the day and spent a few hours driving around for work surveying the area, then headed out for my 11 mile run. I decided to run along the Rimrocks that tower over town. I was hoping the trail would be real long, at least a few miles, but the area wasn't that big. It was, however, very cool! It was all dirt trails so I ended up doing the longest trail run of my life. It was pretty tough - it wasn't too hilly really, just kinda rolling and a little technical in parts. In fact, I had to scramble up a little cliff at one point. :) My GPS lost a signal at mile 9 so I just estimated my final time.

Friday 5.0 miles/41:59/8:24 average pace

Next stop, Bozeman. I headed out of Billings late morning and was in Bozeman by about noon. It was raining and cold, but I figured I could tough out 5 little miles. I parked at the Montana State University campus and ran down College Street, then picked up this pretty little trail that lead out to the Museum of the Rockies and the big Bobcats stadium. Nice little tour of town.

I made it to Helena late this afternoon and immediately hit up my parent's hot tub. Aaaahhhh. We just finished some delicious dinner from the Chinese Kitchen, which I swear makes better chinese than most places in California. Tomorrow my dad will join me on his bike for a 17 miler around town and we're expecting pretty cold temps and hopefully not too much rain/snow. Should be an adventure. Here's a shot of the snow on Mt. Helena from my Mom and Dad's backyard.


Fran said...

Pretty. But it looks even nicer when the leaves start changing.

Bob Gentile said...

Very Nice Pics Jen ... keep warm, does looks cold brrrr.

Have a great stay with your family and fun bike ride with ur dad.

TJ said...

looks like a great place to train.
enjoy your trip!

21stCenturyMom said...

Love those wide open spaces!

Are you running the Nike? I can't remember. I am running the 1/2.