Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pfitz Week 6 Schedule (in progress)

I altered this week's schedule slightly to allow for a full recovery from the half. I'm still running the miles (less one recovery run) but I'm skipping the speedwork. It felt good to get back in the pool and that has helped with my recovery. I'm ready to get focused on training for the marathon- I feel like I've been distracted with the triathlon, then a big trip to Montana, then the half... but now it's time to work. I'm going to Tucson for work Thursday and Friday so I'll get in those two runs there.

Monday: rest

Tuesday: swim am: 750 m in 15:50 (250 free, 250 pull, 250 free)
pm: 10 miles/1:29:37/8:58 average pace

Wednesday: swim am: 1000 m in 21:15 (500 free, 250 alternating breast and back strokes, 250 pull)/rest

Thursday: 12 miles Medium Long

Friday: 6 miles + Strides

Saturday: 18 miles Long

Sunday: rest

TOTAL miles scheduled: 46

Have a great week everyone! :) Thanks so much for the feedback on my race.


Ewen said...

Good idea Jen. You don't really need the speedwork for a good marathon. I hope the 18 miler goes well.

Gotta Run said...

Amesome medal from the HM and your time totally rocked. You must still be on a high from it.

not a shabby week following the race I must say!! Who really needs recovery after all :)

miss petite america said...

let me know if you have any idea where you'll be along the course so i can keep my eyes peeled for you.

i'm so excited it's ridiculous.

TJ said...

yep. drop that intensity and get recovered.

awesome race at the half. congrats on the pr!!!