Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday morning, foggy and sore

Friday 6.0 miles/54:00/9:00 average pace

It was nice and cool this morning, and I actually got to run in the light of pre-dawn rather than the pitch black! Sure, it's because I slept in and ended up being late for work, but it's Friday so it's allright.

I am feeling less run-down the last couple of days, and my quads are feeling better. However, I have a few minor surface-type issues happening and they are all on/around my right foot. Just for fun, I will list them!

1. chaffing on the top of my foot from crappy socks. ran with band-aid today.
2. blister/loose-skin thing on the bottom of my foot near the crook of my big toe, which I stupidly pulled the skin off (it was kinda hanging there) and now it hurts. nothing I can do except leave it alone.
3. top of my foot is sore, possibly from too-tight laces? ran with shoe practically untied today.
4. outside of right ankle kinda sore. random. will ice later.
5. inside of right shin a little sore. will ice later. this is a pretty common overuse injury for me so I will start icing it religiously. I'll start using the super effective "ice bucket" method (like an ice bath, but a bucket, and only for lower legs and feet. not as uncomfortable as an ice bath and way more effective than ice pack)
6. both calves are tight. will foam-roll tonight and daily from now on.

Poor lower right extremity. :(

Luckily I'm feeling strong and healthy otherwise and am ready for my 20 miler tomorrow. I'm a warrior runner, I can deal with this stuff. :)


Zach said...

Hope you wore some better socks this morning (especially since there is a dryer full of them now!)

Looking forward to riding with you tomorrow on the 20 miler.

Michele said...

don't put good socks in the dryer!!!

hope the ice bath helps.

Good luck on your 20. Even with a bad right foot,I know you will knock it out just fine.

I heard your race report today while I was running. It was cool.

Runner Susan said...

I am so, soooo glad that my 20 miler is over.

miss petite america said...

you are a warrior indeed!!

your feet sound totally beat up! i think you need to get zach on TLC duty stat.

Debbie said...

Have fun on the 20 miler! Go Road Warrior!

Lauren said...

good luck with your 20 miles! :o) thanks for checking out my blog... i'm diggin yours too!

Gotta Run said...

SO how was the 20 miler???? What a strong attitude!! Awesome. This is what we love.

Willis said...

You're rocking on the training and racing as of late! Great pictures as well, by the way. Keep up the great work - only a few more weeks until taper madness for you!

Mir said...

How did the 20-miler go?

Darn right you are a warrior runner. Keep rocking!

I like the ice bucket idea!