Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Tempo Tuesday

Tuesday 10.0 miles/1:22:47/8:17 average pace

Felt really good after the weekend "off" (well except for that little triathlon thing, haha) and my legs were fresh for yesterday's run.

First mile warm up was 8:47, but then I launched right into the Tempo portion of the run. I had a fast-paced playlist from PodRunner lined up and off I went! Goal pace is around 7:40-7:50 or so, depending on how I feel.

mile 1: 7:38 (a little fast, not bad though)
mile 2: 7:26 (too fast, but feeling ok)

(stopped for a quick drink at a water fountain, thought I would "reset" and start again at a slower pace. I didn't look at my watch for the next two miles hoping I would slow down)

mile 3: 7:29 (nope!)
mile 4: 7:24 (whatever)

(got a bad side stitch, which I tried to run through, but I finally had to walk it out)

mile 5: 7:34

Average pace for the tempo run was 7:30. A little fast but I felt good. I didn't have to stop and walk except those couple times, but I'm ok with that. I pushed really hard and was proud of my effort.

As I'm feeling all proud and accomplished I realized I was still 4 miles from my car! ha ha. So off I went, trudging along with heavy legs and a hungry stomach. I switched from high-energy PodRunner to chill Phedippidations and made my way back. Last 4 miles: 9:15, 9:16, 8:57, 8:47.

I'm off to Montana tomorrow morning so hopefully will get to log my runs, but the picture showcase will have to wait till next week.

I'll take my chance here to wish big giant GOOD LUCK to the following super awesome runners:

Emily is running her first marathon this weekend in Chicago. Girl's got natural speed and talent to spare, so I know she's going to have a great race.

Ryan is also running Chicago and he is going for his first ever sub 3:00 marathon. He's raised over $1,600 for the American Cancer Society during his training. He spent a good deal of time overseas during his training- including trips to London and China. He's an international speedster. You can do it Ryan!

Miranda is running Twin Cities and has a great race ahead of her, I'm sure. Good luck and have fun Miranda!!

Steven the Ironman is doing his 11th marathon this weekend in Portland, OR. The coolest thing is that he's doing this race with his daughter. Have fun you guys!


Zach said...

Nice pace on the tempo! Be sure to take your cold climate gear up to MT, you never know what those fall days will be like. I wonder if the trees will be changing (I can't remember if they change this early or not).

Oh wow! You took off the word verification.

Bob Gentile said...

Great Run Jen... I am going to work on some shorter runs at a faster pace to increase my leg turnover...been training too much at longer slower paces and is making slow--lol

so need to step it up a bit :-)

Mir said...

Awww, thanks for the shout-out. Great tempo run! You are running so incredibly strong right now, keep it up. Have fun in Montana!

Eed said...

Whoo hoo! Awesome pics - thanks for the shout-out too!