Monday, October 22, 2007

Tucson AZ, and Long Run Week 6

Thursday 12.0 miles/1:47:46/8:59 average pace

It was really warm and dry in Tucson, and I did this run in the afternoon when it was hottest! But I took it easy and drank a lot of water. The miles went by slowly but I got it done. I ran on the Rillito River Path which had a little shade and a dirt shoulder to run on, plus occasional drinking fountains, so I was happy.

Friday 6.0 miles/54:50/9:09 average pace

Now this run was fun. I ran up the beautiful Sabino Canyon in the morning. It was cool, busy with walkers and runners, and did I mention beautiful? I ran there back in July, but October really looks good on Tucson in comparison. It was really lovely.

Saturday 18.0 miles/2:39:51/8:53 average pace

Speaking of lovely, this weekend Zach and I drove up to Tiburon for one of the most scenic runs in the bay area. Actually, Zach rode his bike around the hilly loop while I did my run. He passed me a few times and gave me encouragement which was cool. I felt really good - even on the hills. It was a beautiful day with lots of people out so I never got too bored. Afterward, we had a leisurely breakfast on the patio of this little cafe and then did a little shopping. It's a long drive from our house but always worth it.

TOTAL miles for the week: 46

Saturday night we went to a Halloween costume party with Maritza and her boyfriend and had a super fun time. I have a couple cute pictures (the costumes were great!) that I'll post later. Sunday morning I got up and went into San Francisco to watch the Nike Women's Marathon (which was my first marathon 2 years ago!) and cheer on 21st Century Mom who was running the half, and Miss Petite America who was running her FIRST full marathon. Amazingly I did spot them both in the crowds and even got to run along with Miss Petite for a while and encourage her a bit. They both were looking very strong and I can't wait to hear their account of the event. Congratulations to both of them and everyone else out there! :)


Zach said...

Those hills are tough to go up but really fun to go down (on the bike at least).

Can't wait to ride with you on your 20 mi. run next weekend.

Fran said...

You have such a nice variety of scenery so close to where you are.

jahowie said...

That was very nice of you to cheer on your friends. As usual the pics are beautiful.

Mir said...

Those pics are gorgeous! Some great runs you've been logging lately.

hale said...

I lived in Tucson and those were my two favorite running spots, OH HOW I MISS THEM!! Keep up the good work!

Ewen said...

Love that desert country! Make sure you get to central Australia one day :)

What, no fog in SF? I can see the bridge!