Saturday, March 06, 2010

10k race report and pics

Done and done!

The 10k was a huge success. I didn’t PR, but I’m really happy with my pace. I averaged 7:41 miles and finished in 47:42. It was a great race with beautiful scenery, a small and friendly field, flat and accurate course. The weather was absolutely gorgeous- clear and sunny and temps in the 50’s.

My speedy legs showed up which was nice, and I had plenty of energy and focus for the task. I did a little warm up (.8 mile to get an even 7 for the day) and we made our way over to the start, where I seeded myself up front-ish (not chip timed). I started off at a strong but comfortable pace and ran a negative split. It definitely felt harder toward the later miles but never really hurt. I think I managed a good balance between pushing myself and killing myself.

It was an out and back, so as we neared the turn around I started counting the women in front of me and I was in 10th place. I forgot to account for the fact there was another race going on – a 30k distance – and some of those women were running that (pretty freaking amazing pace for 18.6 miles, eh?). I passed two women on the way back and was super psyched to finish 8th place female. After I checked the final results I realized I was actually 5th place woman in the 10k! I also took first in my age group. So cool.

Mile Splits:

7:36, 7:46, 7:42, 7:50, 7:28, 7:28, 1:39 (7:28 pace)

Official results:

47:42 (7:39 average pace)

1/21 Age Group (25-29)

5/167 Overall Female

33/245 Overall

Deana did amazing, I’m so proud of her. I saw her on the out-and-back and we high fived. She wasn’t that far behind me and looked great. She really pushed hard and finished in 55:49 (9:00 pace). I was really impressed! The cool thing is that they give out age group ribbons 6 deep and she placed 6th! So it was very neat to stick around for the award ceremony and receive our ribbons.

We drove back to my apartment in Portland where Zach had a delicious brunch waiting for us. Carmel french toast bake, sausage links, and blueberry mimosas. It was heaven! We recapped the race for Zach and looked at our pics. After Deana and I got cleaned up we all walked down to the waterfront where there were sooo many people out enjoying the beautiful spring weather. We strolled along the path down to the Saturday Market and watched the people and the cherry blossoms and just soaked it up. Zach and I finally made our way home and sat up on the roof for the rest of the afternoon reading, and then we made a pizza and watched a couple movies. What a perfect day!!

Of course, I had one more big chore to take care of this weekend: a 17 mile long run. Thankfully my legs were not really sore at all so it wasn’t that bad. Zach and I drove up to Marine Drive where he did 14 miles (for those who are wondering, he is training for the Newport Marathon which is June 5th. He is in incredible shape and did today’s run at a 7:20 pace. He really needs to update his blog..). I was a little bored and had a hard time focusing, but kept my legs moving and got it done.


17.0 miles/2:31:27/8:55 average pace

total miles for Week 4: 50!

8 weeks to Eugene!

Lots of pictures, enjoy! Thanks for reading.


IMG_1596IMG_2449IMG_2452 IMG_2447 IMG_1592IMG_1593 IMG_1598IMG_1599 IMG_1603 IMG_2454IMG_2455IMG_2460IMG_2461IMG_1610IMG_1606 IMG_1616 IMG_1620 IMG_1623 IMG_2466

IMG_2469 IMG_2467 IMG00036-20100306-1508 IMG00037-20100306-1527IMG00038-20100306-1528


Ewen said...

Great race Jen. Not far off the PB, and you were flying the last 2 miles - 5th place too! Excellent result for Deana. I like the shirts, and great that you both got age-group ribbons - cool.

The cherry blossoms tell me spring has really sprung - perfect for the outdoors and running :)

kelsalynn said...

Nice job Jen! Great pace! You are so hella fast! I don't bike as fast as you run :P

You're also a superstar if you ran a 17-mile run after a 10k! WoW!

nice pics!

KK said...

Gorgeous pix. Phenomenal race. And delicious brunch. What a great weekend. And you ran 17 miles after that? You stud! 1st in AG is such a great feeling. And Deana got 6th-what a team!

Can you please tell spring to head east?

Jo Lynn said...

You are so damn cute and frickin' FAST! ;)

Petraruns said...

Lovely photos, wonderful results for you and Deana! The brunch looks delicious and well-earned. And then a 17 miler on top of that? You are rock hard Jen!

Alisa said...

Wasn't saturday lovely?!?!

Great job on the race and the 17--you're a machine.

Wow, and Zach ran 14 miles at 7:20---holy freakin' cow. I definitely see a marathon PR in his future.

Nitmos said...

Awesome job in the 10k. You are racking up the hardware. A trophy room being built?

aron said...

awesome job girlie!!!! you did great out there - congrats on the 1st AG place too :)

you're doing great, keep it up!!

Marathon Maritza said...

Congratulations on such a great race, a quick pace and a cute face! (Sorry, I had to finish the rhyme.)

Hooray for first in your age group! Make sure to give my congrats to Deana also, she did fab.

And hello! SOMEONE needs to really update their blog b/c I didn't even know he was training for a marathon! WTF!


Marya said...

I've read through your blog a little, but this is my first time commenting. Looks like you had a great weekend with the race and the weather! It's nice that your husband and you can enjoy running together. My husband runs with me too, but we're not nearly as speedy as you two are!

Good luck in your training this week!

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice work on that 10K!! And HOLY COW those are consistent splits! Great job!!

And, umm, what are those arrows on your top? Is that to direct our eyes to your boobs? It's working. Ha!

(sorry, that was kinda gross...)

Kelly said...

WOW. That sounds amazing! And, even though it wasn't a PR it was 1st in your age group. And, I think that 25-29 is a really hard age group. Nice jobe Deana! Sounds like a perfect weekend.

ShirleyPerly said...

Congratulations, Jen!!

Looks like the perfect day for running and what better way to do so than with a friend. I'm hoping to negative split my 10K too and your race report was just what I needed to motivate me. Thanks!!

Beth said...

Congrats to both of you on great races!

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