Friday, March 12, 2010

nothin fancy

Quick update on my week so far. It's been a good one! My legs are feeling good, my foot is not sore at all anymore, and I have no other complaints at the time.

The weather turned back to typical Portland rain but I know the sun will be back soon. Looking forward to that. Any time now. Is it back yet? How about now?

Nothing much else to report so I'll get right to it:

Monday: rest
Skype yoga with mom and then a yoga video on my own.

5.0 miles/n.a.
A lovely watch-free run out on the waterfront. I kept it really easy.

8.0/1:06:02/8:15 average pace
Tempo run with Zach up in Forest Park. We got a late start because I had a dentist appointment, which resulted in us running in the dark. Kinda scary! It started to get dim about 5 miles into the run, and the last couple miles were in basically pitch black. There's not even a sliver of city light up there. It made it hard to run fast since I was worried about my footing on the trail. I managed to average 7:52 for the 6 mile tempo portion but definitely was holding back. That's good though, more energy for the rest of the week.

12.1 miles/1:50:39/9:09 average pace
I was going to run with Emily but had to ditch out at the last second. Deana and I went to a play and so I didn't have time to go up to Vancouver. I did the 12 miler on my own in the pouring rain which was crazy. I don't think I've done a run that long where it rained the whole time. Drizzled, sure, but this was RAIN. Sigh. I have a blister issue on my right foot and this didn't help. Oh, and it's still raining.

Friday: rest
Did yoga with my mom and a bit of yoga on my own after.

Weekend time! We're heading over to meet up with a group of people for happy hour and then going a roller derby scrimmage. This is going to be a fun weekend including the Shamrock Run. I'm not racing but will be there to watch Zach and Alisa and Amy and the whole gang bring home some PRs. :) I have to do a long run after that- 18 miles. Weee!

Have a great weekend and good luck to everyone racing! :)


ShirleyPerly said...

I love that you are doing yoga with your mom on Skype! That is such a great way to stay in contact and bond, I think.

Well done on your runs, esp. that dark run. I'd be scared to death to run if I couldn't see where I was stepping!

Ashley Perry said...

HA! Yoga on skype that I have not heard of! I use skype all the time and I cant wait to get bak to Portland!

Anonymous said...

Good day, Thanks for helping me with the yoga, I do some everyday and know what to attempt and what not to.
I am not tired so far from my treatments but I do my yoga before I go and it keeps me in the right frame of mind. Good Luck with your training. You guys are way too cool.
Will chat later.. MOM

KK said...

Glad to read that your foot is doing better but yucko to the blister. Spring has got to make up its mind already, sheesh.

Hope you had a fun weekend-any weekend with roller derby on the docket is a winner.

Anonymous said...


Marathon Maritza said...

Looks like you've got an asian stalker. :-/

I can't wait to see you! Great training this week!