Friday, March 05, 2010

big weekend ahead

Tomorrow is the Champoeg 10k and will be my first race of any kind since the Ironman. I really have no idea what to expect. My legs are pretty tired from the training this week- I feel good, just tired. I figure I’ll run hard no matter what but no idea if that will result in 45 minute 10k or a 50 minute one. Ok, I guess I know it won’t be 45 minutes… my PR is 47:xx. But 50:00 could happen!

I figure if anything this run takes the place of my tempo run for the week. It’s kind of nice to do a race with no expectations. I also have to keep in mind that Sunday I have a long run (17 miles!). So I can’t burn all my matches.

The really exciting thing is that it will be Deana’s first 10k! I can’t wait to see her finish. I’m so proud of her. Dana is driving down with us to be our support crew, but Zach is staying back in Portland to do his own run and fix us a deluxe brunch feast for champions. Works for me!


Here is a quick summary of my week so far:

Monday: rest



5.0 miles/51:06/10:14 average pace

Waterfront run with Amy and Alisa. The pink cherry blossoms are out and so is every runner in the city.



12.0 miles/1:43:41/8:38 average pace

Forest Park run with Emily. A little muddy, a lot of fun. We ran 8:59 pace on the way up and 8:19 on the way back down.



9.0 miles/1:25:20/9:29 average pace 

Boy, were my legs tired. I wasn’t even sore, just tired and heavy and sluggish. But I got it done!


Thursday: also Zumba and then Yoga at the gym with Alisa and some other friends. I think doing all three things might have been a little ambitious because I was completely beat by the time I got home at 8:45. Thankfully I slept great and feel a lot better today.


Well I guess I’m all ready for the race tomorrow – spaghetti has been consumed, gear is packed and clothes laid out. I checked the weather- it’s supposed to be sunny and over 60 for a high, yay! Perfect day for running. Now I’m going to just kick it and go to bed. I will post a race report and pictures asap no matter what!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! :)


Marathon Maritza said...

What!? I had no idea you had a race tomorrow! Good luck and have a blast!

And give my congrats to Deana, how exciting!!!

Miss you XOXO

Ewen said...

You're in shape to do well! Burn all your matches! Don't save anything for the 17 miles - that's another day away, and in any case, as long as you cover the distance - doesn't matter how slow if you raced the previous day.

I'll predict 46:20, but wouldn't be surprised if it was faster. Go Deana!

Kelly said...

How'd it go? I can't wait to hear about the 10K.

Beth said...

You must be racing now! I hope the weather is as awesome there as here.

Petraruns said...

Hope the rest goes / went well - and well done Deana - the first race is a big deal and she's done great to get to this point.

Nice week of training as well - can't believe you did ALL of those things on Thursday. No wonder you were pooped ;)

Enjoy brunch!

Trail Runner said...

Enjoy your blog! Thanks for sharing...

Alisa said...

Wow that was a HUGE week! I still can't believe you ran 9 miles then did Zumba and yoga. I think I was the most sore this week from yoga---my shoulders were tired!

We definitely need to do another run together sometime, hopefully I don't get a butt cramp.