Monday, March 01, 2010

Seattle pics and a big run

I wrapped up Week 3 of my marathon training program up in Seattle. We had a such great weekend up there but it went by way too fast.

I went running with Deana Saturday morning in Portland, and then Zach and I hit the road. We spent the afternoon on Bainbridge Island and then drove over to Bremerton to meet up with my brother Jon at the Wild West Showdown roller derby tournament. We watched a couple of bouts (including watching the Portland girls beat up on the Bay Area girls!) and enjoyed the scene. Then we went out for pizza with Jon and had to say goodbye way too soon. We crashed in our hotel and then were up early to catch the ferry over to Seattle to do our long run. The run was super fun- felt good and loved the scenery (more details below). After that we met our friend and his sweet little 2-year-old daughter for brunch and then we were back on the road heading home. We stopped for milkshakes and avoided listening to the radio or checking any online sites since we were recording the gold medal hockey game and didn't want to spoil it. We capped our weekend off by watching that incredible game and then some of the closing ceremonies.


Here is a quick wrap up of the running and then a bunch of pics.

6.0 miles/1:01:58/10:20 average pace
Springwater trail with Deana- she's definitely ready for the 10k next weekend!

16.0 miles/2:19:12/8:42 average pace
Burke Gilman trail in Seattle. Zach ran 12 miles with me including the 10 miles at Goal Marathon Pace. We did 2 miles warm up and figured out where we were going and then got right down to business. We ran the first 5 miles too fast and I could really tell, it felt awful! We stopped 5 miles in and ate our Gu and then headed back with a new goal of slowing down just a bit and hitting the goal pace of 8:20-8:25. We nailed it and it felt SO much easier. Zach headed back to the car and I ran the last 4 miles alone. I was really tired but got it done and finished the run with a big smile. Here is the breakdown of the paces:

2 miles warm up: 19:01/9:31 average pace

10 miles Goal Marathon Pace: 1:21:12/8:19 average pace

(First 5 miles: 40:58/8:12 average pace
Last 5 miles: 42:14/8:27 average pace)

4 miles cool down (cool down seems really inaccurate.. it was the hardest part of the run): 39:01/9:15 average pace

total miles for Week 3: 41

I'm really happy with how the week went. I'm especially grateful that my foot is feeling better and I'm proud of myself for making the decision to skip that one run on Tuesday. My whole body feels great today (Monday) and I'm ready for another big training week. Yay!

Lots of pics from the weekend:

Road trip!

Adorable town of Poulsbo:
Bainbridge Island:

Me and my brother at the Wild West Showdown roller derby tournament:

Rose City Roller Jammer:

Jon at the pizza place:
Sunday- ferry to Seattle and long run pics:

Looking back toward Bainbridge Island and mountains beyond:
Heading toward Seattle on the Ferry:

Hundreds of cyclists waiting for the ferry to Bainbridge Island for the Chilly Hilly ride:

Pics from the run on the Burke Gilman Trail. Zach got the camera out at the turn around where we ate our Gu's and took a few pics on the way back.


Post-run brunch at B & O Espresso in Capitol Hill

Thanks for reading! Have a great week everyone.


Petraruns said...

What a great weekend and a good run! I LOVE Bainbridge Island and Seattle - have had such good times there in such stunning surroundings. Great work on it all Jen - you're in good shape.

Kelly said...

Road trip! How fun! Great pictures too. I can't believe you're in a tank top and shorts! I just ran in 18 degree weather over here in Nebraska! Jealous!

kelsalynn said...

Great pics! Zach totally looks like he may be wearing a hoop earring in the first pic, but I think it's just the seatbelt. LOL I did a double take.

Kim said...

how friggin fun!!! looks like you had an absolute blast! look at you wearing a tank and shorts. so jealous. great run workouts jen, keep it up!

Marathon Maritza said...

Awesome weekend it looks like! How fun to go see your bro and the roller derby AND run in a cool new place! Awesome!

I also love how you wore the IM tank on the trail...way to show 'em who's boss!

Also, you weren't kidding! Your bro has gotten trim with this referee-ing business!

Dragonfly on the Water said...

Looks like a fantastic week-end. Great pics.

Colleen said...

Looks like a great trip! It looks so warm there... I'm jealous! :)

Ewen said...

Your brother's tall! What happened there? The snow on the mountains is spectacular, but plenty of sun, so just right for running.

Looks like you enjoyed perfect weather for the long run - nice going with the pace, except maybe you need to give Zach the flick as a pace-setter ;) Glad the foot wasn't a problem.

kristen said...

Dang girl, when you said Seattle I though you meant Seattle. You were practically right around the corner from me (gig harbor). I'm glad you had a great time and got great weather for your long run!

ShirleyPerly said...

You always have the most fun pics!

Must have been good running weather there in Seattle to be wearing shorts and a tank top. Awesome 16-miler and looking good!

Michael said...

Great report and great pics, Jen. Makes me homesick!

Amy said...

You guys are the cutest couple ever. Loved the pics! What kind of camera do you have? Emily has a good one too - I need to get one!

Great job on the long run. :)

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