Thursday, March 25, 2010


(I’m resisting, resisting the urge, urge to reference that song.)

I’m going to California! It’ll be my first visit back since I moved a year and a half ago. That seems crazy, I can’t believe that’s true.
It’s going to be SO fun.

I’m spending Thursday and Friday with my brother and sister-in-law down in the South Bay. We’re going to go out for some good Mexican food (impossible to find in Portland), catch up on life/job/future stuff that I never get to talk to them about, and maybe watch some Sharks hockey (apparently they are into it now!). I’ll get in my big tempo run down there on a great trail by his place. Unfortunately there is no roller derby scheduled while I’m there so I won’t get to see my brother in action as a ref, but that’s ok. He’s actually leaving for a big derby tournament in Bakersfield Saturday morning where he’s head ref for about half the bouts, wish I could see that!

Anyway, that works out well because Saturday I’m going to head up to the East Bay to spend the weekend with Maritza!!!!!!!! We’re going running on Saturday, then going out for lunch and going shopping and just hanging out and catching up. On Sunday we’re going into San Francisco for our long runs. I’m doing my first 20 miler of the year with Aron! I’m so excited to hang out with these girls- Tara and Kristen will be somewhere in the mix too I hope! We’re all going out for breakfast after and then hopefully just boozing it up all afternoon. I’m soooooo excited!

One of the best parts of this trip is that I get to RUN in a few of my favorite Bay Area locations. I actually have a LOT of running to do while I’m there because this is my peak week! I have a 12 miler on Friday with 7 miles @ tempo pace, 6 recovery miles on Saturday with Maritza, and then the 20 on Sunday with Aron. Yayyyyyy!

Ok well let me catch up on the runs I’ve done so far this week here in Portland:

Monday: rest
5.0 miles/48:07/9:37 average pace
I ran mostly with Alisa except for when I ran off an extra mile to get my 6 x 100 m strides in. Fun run!

12.0 miles/1:48:32/9:03 average pace
Medium-long run out on the springwater. Boring but felt good.

Well, I’m out of here! I’ll be back early next week with tonzo pictures and a recap of the weekend. Thanks for reading!!


Marathon Maritza said...


Marya said...

Sounds like you have a great trip planned! Have a safe and FUN trip!

Beth said...

Have a great time! We're off to CA too (San Diego).

Jo Lynn said...

That's a lot of running in three days!

I wish I could fit in there somewhere. Next time maybe?

Jo Lynn said...

Oh, by the way - Maritza seems a little excited, according to her comment. :)

Kim said...

hahaha maritza is PUMPED!!!!

im going to CA in july and will be looking for your recommendations about what to do in San Fran. have an awesome time!

Billy Burger said...

Booooo...for a sec when you said "South Bay", thought you meant an area down here in So Cal.

Those girls are lucky to have ya - have a blast!

Keri said...

What fun! Enjoy the weekend!

Alisa said...

LOL to Maritza's comment.

I'll be happy to see you next week when I hope that you fully kick my ass at the track.

Have a great time in Cali with all the fun Bay area girls.

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Have a great time in CA!

Ewen said...

Yes, I thought it was 'far south' CA - San Diego is great for Mexican food :)

Know you'll have fun - can't wait to see the pics and read all about the elite-style training you did with your friends.

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ShirleyPerly said...

Sounds like a WONDERFUL getaway! I need to find an excuse to visit Cali too. Look forward to hearing about your trip.