Thursday, March 18, 2010

On track

I’m right where I want to be with my training right now. My legs really feel good and I’m having fun. I’ve had three great runs this week and I’m looking forward to the half this weekend. More on that below. First, here are the stats from this week so far: 

4.5 miles/46:05/10:14 average pace
Waterfront with Alisa, Amy, and Deana. One big happy group! We chatted and enjoyed the cherry blossoms and nice weather. Great run.


10.0 miles/1:24:05/8:25 average pace
Hills/Track workout down in southwest Portland. It was FANTASTIC. I had a blast. I ran fast and felt really good. Here is how it went:

First, 4.5 mile run on Terwilliger hills @ 9:06 pace

Then, 6 x 800 m intervals with 400 m recoveries.
My times were: 
3:12, 3:19, 3:14, 3:26, 3:20, 3:09
(3:17 average = 6:34 pace)

Finally, 1 mile cool down on the track in 9:35


12.0 miles/1:48:46/9:04 average pace
Springwater in the sunshine. Felt really easy.

I have another easy run on Saturday and then we head up to Seattle to run the Mercer Island Half Marathon. It’s supposed to be a really hilly course, so I’m not expecting a PR or anything like that. I kind of love running races with no expectations because if I run slow, no biggie, and if I run fast, yay! Whatevs! It’ll be a fun race no matter what. Zach is running it too, and we are staying with our friends up there so it’ll be a fun trip. I’ll update my blog asap with the results and some pics (since Zach is running too we’ll probably just have before/after pics).

I’ll end with a few pictures that Zach took last night at the track. He did a hard hill run and then watched me do my intervals and took a few photos.

IMG_2511IMG_2516IMG_2513 IMG_2525

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend.


Billy Burger said...

Nice job on the track Jen - damn, you're just a blur in those pics!

Best of luck this Sunday too...sure you'll kick ass and take names as per usual.

Marathon Maritza said...


That's you at the track. :)

Good luck on Sunday!!!

ShirleyPerly said...

Best of luck on Sunday!!

And yes it does look like Zach needs a camera with a faster shutter to catch you on the track. But I can tell you have a very nice looking stride. I look like a shuffler whether running a marathon or on the track.

Anonymous said...

You and Zach are too cute! Awesome that you run together. Great job at the track.

Best of luck to you both this weekend.

aron said...

HOLY FAST 800s!!!! wow you KILLED those! you know the whole theory behind yassos right ;)

nice job on the week so far! have a great race this weekend, cant wait to hear about it :)

Alisa said...

Average 6:XX---um DAMYUM chica! Next time you have a track workout on the schedule maybe I can move things around and go with ya. Maybe it'd be inspiring to see a speedy Jen whiz by and make me pick up my legs =).

Mir said...

Speeeeeeedy 800s! Nice work. I hope you surprise yourself this weekend. It wouldn't surprise me. :)

Kim said...

i can hardly see you in the pictures, jen mcspeedyson!! awesome track workouts!!!

Marya said...

Great work this week! Looks like you got some good quality runs in!

Good luck on the race this weekend and have a great trip up to Seattle!

Ewen said...

That's a neat track. I haven't seen a black track before. Fantastic 800s, and finishing with a 3:09!

The half sounds like a fun one. No expectations is good - if it were a flat course I'd be expecting nothing less than a PB half report :)

kristen said...

I realize I'm SO late with this - but good luck in Mercer. I'll be in Seattle too, but at the Big Climb.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

SOOOO GREAT to meet you today. We totally should have posed for a photo. I would love to try to run together in nice to have someone there for 26.2 Since we have the sameish goal