Monday, December 05, 2005


Saturday 10.75 miles/1:39:42/9:17 average pace

The distance was surely more than what my gps showed- by at least a quarter mile. I stopped by my house partway through the run and lost the signal when I went inside... somehow I lost mileage. ANyway, I didn't want to fudge the numbers in my log because I admit I take gps-mistakes in my favor occasionally. So instead, I ran fast for the last 4 miles to ensure my average pace was correct. (???) Ya, I know- totally backwards thinking but whatever! :D So my last four miles were sub 8:30 and the last .75 was at 7:40 pace. !!! It felt good though. I think if I can run mile 11 at 10k pace, I'm ready to add some distance onto my long run.

Although this coming weekend I'm planning on a 10k race (since I blew my last one) so the long run will have to wait a week.

Total for last week: 25.39 miles. :)

Monday 3.50 miles/31:06/8:54 average pace

Brrrrrr. That's all I have to say about that! It had to be below freezing.

Plan for zee week:

Mon: 3.5 general aerobic (a new term I"m throwing around probably incorrectly)
Tues: 4 speed (tempo? Mile repeats? something like that)
Wed: 6 group
Thurs: 4 recovery
Fri: rest
Saturday: 10k race!
Sun: rest

total: 23-24 ish.