Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I love Fred Astaire

Tuesday 4.50 miles/38:30/8:33 average pace

Well I didn't get up and run in the morning because my foot hurt. I suspected it was from walking/standing in dress shoes for hours on Saturday night, and I was right! You can actually see bead-shaped bruises from those blasted cute shoes. It's actually kind of funny.

So my solution was to basically not tie my shoe, so it was loose enough to not press down on my bruise. I decided just do run on the Treadmill in case it started to hurt bad. It didn't!

I did 4.5 miles speedwork on the treadmill while watching the Christmas classic "Holiday Inn" with Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby. It is awesome. I especially love the scene when he is dancing drunk.

Anyway, I ran 1.0 mile at 6.0 mph (10:00 pace) to warm up and test out the foot. Then I sped up to 7.5 mph (8:00 pace) for 2.0 miles which felt great. At the last minute I decided to do one more mile, this time at 8.0 mph (7:30 pace). I ended with a 0.5 mile cool down at 6.0 mph (10:00 pace). So I basically did a 3 mile tempo run at an average pace of 7:50. :)

Running tonight with the group- hopefully the neighborhood will be all christmas light-y! :)