Monday, December 12, 2005

Holiday 10k race

It went well! I am still awaiting official resutls, but I am VERY happy with myself. :)

Watch time: 47:24- a 15 second PR. I don't have my splits in front of me, but they were perfect! The first mile was too fast @ 7:08, but the second mile KILLED me with a giant hill! WTF? I didn't expect that. I recall that mile was a very slow 8:11. After the hill the course looped around a beautiful reservoir with a dirt path. I passed a girl in mile 3 (or 4?) as I sped up a little. The rest of my splits were very close to goal pace 7:30. I passed another girl in mile 5 (or 6?) The best news? I DIDN"T WALK! Go me! Ok, I did walk for a few seconds mid-way through mile 6 because I suddenly was working way too hard and could hardly breathe... but still- I made it almost the whole race without walking! And I actually felt really good the whole time! The only suffering was toward the end when I got tired and was running fastest. I knew I was going to miss my goal of sub-47, but at least I got a PR! And I held my goal pace perfectly- I couldn't have done any better. I am confident that without a big ass hill I would have came in under 47:00.

I don't know how I placed, but Zach said he thought I was the 7th woman? There were VERY few people at the starting line. Maybe 50. :D It was cool and I had a great time. I will post the official resutls when they are up (later this week most likely).

Total miles for the week: 23.05

Plan for this week: REST. Yep, I am going to do some cross training and what not, and I'll go to the group run on Wednesday, but that's it. I need a week off! I am not sure about running next weekend. Maybe I'll do a hike or an easy trail run?

Also- I found a half marathon in February I might want to do. *evil smile* I am going to check out the course at home tonight (Google earth will give me the elevation info the website lacks) and if it's not too too challenging, I am going to sign up. I would have a nice 7 weeks to train for that, and that would segue nicely into my marathon training plan. Tenative goal: 1:45:xx (current PR 1:49:xx)