Friday, December 16, 2005

Recovery week

The race results were posted, and my official time was 47:23, a second faster than watch time. I was 6th female overall, of 40. 5th in my AG 19-29. (previous years were 5-year AG... not that it matters but the top 4 in this year's AG were all 19-23 years old, meaning I can pretend I won the 24-29 ag or whatver. :P)

So I've been cross training all week to let my shins heal up and I"m feeling good so far! I did run Wednesday 3.26 miles/30:00/9:13 average pace. Felt fine. The rest of the week looks like this:

Mon: rest + mini ST (pushups and crunches)
Tues: 60 minutes eliptical trainer + Weights (at the hotel, with real machines and heavy weights!)
Wed: 3.26 miles General Aerobic
Thurs: 30 minutes bike machine & 30 minutes eliptical + mini ST
Friday: ?? (maybe 30-45 minutes aerobic exercise on bike or eliptical, and/or strenght training video? I'll do something)
Saturday: trail run 3-5 miles? or hike?
Sunday: rest

BTW, it's freezing outside!