Monday, December 26, 2005

Tale of Two Runs

monday 5.0 miles total

Part 1: Hilly, muddy, slippery, and slow 2.25 miles/25:54/11:32 average pace

We tried to do a trail run, but the trail was washed out. So, we tried a new trail which was a really really bad idea! It was totally mucky and I slipped/shuffled/splashed along very slowly. We made it back to the main road for a total of 2.25 messy but fun miles.

Part 2: Still hilly, but paved and fast 2.75 miles/23.57/8:43 average pace

Once we were on the road (and I had scraped about 8 lbs of mud from my shoes) I took off. It felt so good to be able to move freely! :D We did an out-and-back on the road, which is quite hilly.

Got lots of sweet running stuff for Christmas: tights, tons of socks, a t-shirt and a long sleeve shirt, Body Glide, a light for running at night, and Jack Daniel's book "Running Formula." :)

Plan for this week:

Mon: 5 miles HILLS (ha ha, DONE)
Tues: 3 easy
Wed: 6 GA group
Thurs: 4 easy
Fri: resssst
Sat: 10-12? long
Sun: rest

total: 28-30. It would be cool to hit 30 for the first time post-thon.

Oh, here's a thought: Last week I ran Friday 4ish miles, then did my long run the next day and felt fine. This counters my long-held belief that going into a long run with *fresh* legs is necessary. Maybe not? Maybe I should make Thursday a rest day and run friday then saturday, OR better yet, rest friday and run short saturday and long sunday. It would be nice to run both weekend days since they don't require ass-crack of dawn waking or TM. Then I'd have to rest Monday, because I still strongly believe I need that day after my long run OFF. Hmmmm. Although I do like doing my long run Saturday. Anyway, something to think about.