Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Getting back into it

Wednesday 6.25 miles/54:47/8:46 average pace

Well I'm not loving it, yet. Every run so far (since week off) has felt hard. This is tough for me, probably because I've never taken such a break in a long time. Last time I took a week off, I was probably averaging like 20 miles maybe each week. So I think it is a different effect since I was running 30-40 ish. No worries, it will take a little time, but this will get easier. :)

Anyway, my legs are feeling pretty good, it's the aerobic aspect that is lagging. Feels hard, I become winded.

I guess I should notice that I've been running quite fast, faster than I usually do easy runs. Ok, I"ll try slowing down and see if it feels better. Yay plan! :)

I'm off to Utah!

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