Friday, August 18, 2006

Random Long Run, and toothless

Thursday 12.5 miles/1:55:59/9:17 average pace

Since I won't be running for a week or so, I thought I'd go out with a bang! Ya, it turned out a lot more bang-y than I intended... I once again underestimated the distance of the route and ended up with a 2 hour run. :D The first part of the run was gradual uphill in the hot sun, so I wasn't loving it. But the whole second half felt great - flat and shaded. My right hip was kinda sore, but not too bad, and it feels allright today. I definitely need this recovery week now!

so I may as well call it:

TOTAL miles for this week: 24.5 miles

Not bad for 3 days of running!

ALSO.... I got my wisdom teeth out!! :) It wasn't so bad after all. I was pretty sore right after, after I woke up from the anestesia and before the motrin kicked in. But I'm feeling ok now! My face isn't swelling yet, because I've kept it iced. So we'll see how I do the next couple of days. So far all I've had to eat was a little 7-up and a milkshake. Maybe having some luke-warm tomato soup for "dinner." Boooo liquid/soft food diet!

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