Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Long time no run!

Tuesday 10.00 miles/1:29:55/9:00 average pace

I ended my dry streak with a big, fat 10 miler last night. :)

At first, I was feeling tired and out of breath, and my legs felt heavy. I was talking down on myself a little, telling myself that I was out of shape, that maybe I am not cut out for distance running, etc, etc. A few miles later, I realized I hadn't been critisizing myself for a while... I was actually feeling allright. I continued on, and before I knew it I was having fun! I was feeling fast and light and happy. I guess I forgot that I ALWAYS feel like crap the first couple of miles!! I was way too hard on myself. How soon we forget. :D

Planning 8 miles with the group tonight :) then I'm heading to Utah for work Thursday and Friday. I will get in at least one short run there. Then we are headed to Yosemite for a backpacking trip this weekend! Whoo hoo!! :)

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