Tuesday, August 08, 2006

More Montany Adventures

Monday 7.00 miles/1:05:16/9:20 average pace

My dad joined me again for a run through the old hood! We did a big loop that covered my neighborhood, the fairgrounds, went by the old graveyard where we used to play (I know, we're sick... but it's OLD like 1800's old so pretty cool) then we circled round Carrol College and back home.

The day before (Sunday) we went canoeing and kayaking with Zach's parents and had a great time. It was so fun, I'd never kayaked before! Man were my shoulders sore yesterday though!

Tuesday 8.54 miles/1:17:25/9:05 average pace

So, my dad was allowed to sleep in this time, and I had quite an adventure by myself. I was planning a short 6 miler since we had a big hike planned and wanted to get going early. So I didn't eat anything and told my mother in law I'd be back in an hour. Well I started out running through this cool old pioneer neighborhood called Reeder's Alley, which is quite steep. I made it up the mountain to the road I ran on Saturday, and I continued down... and down... until I was 4 miles from home. This was supposed to be a SHORT run. Well I just kept going because I thought the turn was close. It wasn't. Finally I am 5 miles into my run and I am on the highway clear across town!! I figured the hills were over and the route home was more of a short cut, so I would just pick up the pace and make it back before too late. I encountered a few more obstacles (puppies chased me for a half mile and I had to get help from a random dude to shake 'em, and also I ran out of water. And I was really thirsty. And tired. And thirsty.) but I made it home. Turns out no one really noticed I was gone so long. Zach was still sleeping. :D It was a tough but fun run.

After a good breakfast we headed up to Mount Helena and hiked to the top. It is about 1150 feet gain (starting elevation 4230, peak elevation 5480) but we took it pretty slow and I guzzled a ton of water. We had a fun time and the views from the top were amazing.

I don't know what else we have in store this week, besides some more running, but I'm gonna be beat. All I know is that if I lived here I would be one rock-bodied biatch.

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