Saturday, August 05, 2006

Runnin with my Pa

Saturday 8.00 miles/1:15:40/9:28 average pace

We made it to Montana last night... finally... after a thousand hours on the road (or so). It was a fun drive but that's a long time to spend in the car. I didn't get a great amount of sleep last night but I woke up this morning so excited to be here and even more excited to run.

I ran over to my parents house (staying at my in-laws) which is one mile. After visiting with my mom and dad and various other relatives, my dad and I headed out. He rode his bike and carried the water and I ran. We ran down the streets of my neighborhood, then around this little lake I used to swim in, then up a MONSTER f-ing hill. It was awesome. I was already breathing a little hard due to the elevation (4000 ft) although it wasn't too bad. But once we were climbing that hill I really started missing the oxygen. :D I stopped a couple times to catch my breath but I made it up (and I beat my dad who chose to walk his bike up the steep hill.. hehe). Once I was up there, boy was it worth it. We circled around the base of Mount Helena on a dirt road with beautiful views of the entire valley. Then we popped back down into the neighborhood, down steep streets and past beautiful old homes. We made it to downtown, passed the busy farmer's market, and worked our way over to the bagel shop. I was a couple blocks away from Mike and Shelly's house, so I just walked there and my dad rode back home.

It's going to be a busy and amazing trip, I'm sure. We are going canoeing and hiking, and I am definitely going to get in a few more of these adventures w/ my dad too. :)

PS No bears yet, but we did cross paths last night with a big bull elk in full velvet. Basically a horse with antlers. Incredible..

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