Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Non-running update

I am not running yet, doctor's orders, but I am feeling pretty strong! I am back at work and just the activity (especially the walking to and from the office) has been a lot for me. I'm feeling a lot better every day, and my follow-up visit to the doctor went well. I am going to try a short run on Friday (2 or 3 miles) and then a longer, but still short, run on Saturday with Zach (5 miles?). Then next week I should be back in full force!

Also, thanks to my bestest running buddy starting her training for CIM (see her blog at I am officially a fan of marathon running again! :D I admit my enthusiasm had waned a bit, ok a LOT, in the past couple of months, but I'm back baby!! I cannot miss my chance to train with Maritza again and share the marathon experience with her. It sure was different when I did it alone this year.. I know I could use the motivation and encouragement this time around. Plus, she is running for charity (Train to End Stroke, where she also happens to be program director!) and I figure I can mooch a great deal of coaching and support from her group. :) I am really looking forward to this!!

I have yet to decide on a training regimine... it's a tough call. I have a couple of options:

a) just run a lot and have fun!

b) hard-core structured program

My training for my previous 2 marathons has been something in between that- a soft-core program if you will. But I think I need something different...

Right now I'm leaning towards B, with the option to quit the program when it gets old or too tough. I have a couple weeks to decide, since a 12-week program would begin September 11. In the meantime, I am going backpacking in Yosemite and turning 26. :)

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