Tuesday, September 26, 2006

2 Medium runs = 1 Hard run

Monday 8.0 miles/1:09:40/8:43 average pace

I ran the first 4 miles alone right after work. I was pushing the pace from the beginning, and was feeling it. It was really hot out too, which didn't help. My splits were:


average pace: 8:36

Then, I looped back home and Zach joined me for another 4. I started at the exact pace I was running, but Zach reminded me he wasn't warmed up at all so I slowed down for him. ;) We also stopped at the drinking fountain twice in the park. When we hit the 3 mile mark (my 7 mile mark), we began our strides. I explained to Zach how to do them, and told him I was only going to do 3 since I was already pretty tired. He sounded intimidated, then promptly zoomed out of sight. I ran as hard as I could to catch up, and he took off again. I ended up doing 4 strides to his 3, and he still had to wait up for me at the end. Damn his long legs! Who does he think he is? Our splits were:

8:00 (included strides)

average 8:50

When we got home, I checked the mail and saw my long-anticipated medal had finally arrived! :) (see previous post)

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Eed said...

Bloggers/dorks unite! Congrats on the medal...you are a far more decorated athlete than I will ever be.