Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Monday 8.0 miles/1:10:41/8:50 average pace

Pfitz called for "8 + 4 LT" for the day, and that is what I done did. Goal LT pace: 7:50-8:00

2 miles warm up in 20:10 (10:05 average pace)

4 miles in 31:36 (7:54 average pace) PERFECT!

2 miles cool down in 18:55 (9:28 average pace)

I was definitely working hard during the tempo portion of the run. I tried to keep in control and keep my posture in check (that is, I tried to not flail around like an idiot). My lower back was pretty sore after, perhaps it was the good posture? Also my lower legs were pretty sore, so I iced them which should help. I'm glad today is a rest day!

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Marathon Maritza said...

Awesome! Great job!

You know, your week schedule looks really doable because of where your days off are...so your mid-week long run is flanked by days off AND shorter runs....me likes.