Saturday, September 30, 2006

Long Run Week 3

Saturday 16.0 miles/2:27:14/9:12 average pace

Golden Gate Park loop with Zach + Great Highway/Sunset solo

The park loop was 8 miles, which took 1:14:54 (9:22 average pace)

Then Zach split off (that's super far for him! About 8.5 miles total actually.), and I did the last 8 miles on the coast, which is flat, then a little sorta-hilly street loop at the end.

The second 8 miles took 1:12:20 (9:03 average pace)

Although, Zach and I were crusing pretty good at the end of his loop, so if I add that in, the last 11 miles took 1:38:43 (8:58 average pace). That's the distance I've been doing mid-week, and it's taken me about 6 minutes longer both times. I guess that's good, because the mid-week runs are tougher going in, and are harder to recover from too. So best to not push it in the middle of a tough week! I'm really happy with today's run overall. :)

Also! My last mile was 8:06 :)

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Eed said...

You are a stud Jen! On the mileage, speed and go treat yourself with a COLD BEER.