Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Easy Tuesday

Tuesday 4.0 miles/37:47/9:27 average pace

Not too much to say about that run, it was easy. My lower legs (calves especially) were pretty sore, so I did the ice bucket thing after my run. Feeling ok today.

I made a very exciting observation on my run yesterday- the high school football field and track has been getting a major makeover this summer, and I saw that they are nearly done. They are building huge bleachers and laying a real rubber track! I am sooo excited! I've run on their old dirt track in the past, but this is going to rock. Also, maybe I can run on the bleachers too, like Runner Susan! Sounds hard. Maybe I won't. :P


Eed said...

Let's do stadiums @ Cal stadium sometime!

Marathon Maritza said...

We are so comment-happy. It's borderline ridiculous...but fun!

Jen said...

Please, comment away! It makes my blogging seem important. I mean what would we do without our blogs? Probably cease to exist. Blogs = life

(No, I'm not exaggerating! It's science.)