Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Mountain Mileage, non-running

This doesn't count toward my running mileage, obviously, but it's awesome and deserves posting!

Saturday 6.25 miles/3:39:15/35:xx average pace

Hiking from Tioga road to the Ten Lakes basin, carrying a 25 lb (approx) backpack. Elevation gain 2100 feet.

Sunday 6.75 miles/4:00 ish/

Day hike to upper lakes and to a high ridge overlooking the Grand Canyon of the Tuolomne River. Spectacular!

Monday 6.35 miles/2:50 ish/25:xx average pace

Hiking out of the basin, big elevation loss, carrying that heavy ass pack. We were moving pretty fast, but those steep downhill sections are kinda shaky with the heavy pack!

It was a really amazing trip. Back to the running thing this week, then training begins next week! :)

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