Friday, May 04, 2007

Cycling: the new frontier/ Or, Ouch, my arse

My first time riding more than a few minutes on a bike in the past oh, 4 years, and I survived!

I want to post my distance/speed but no laughing!

I have to preface this with WOW, all you cyclists amaze me. *bows down* Seriously, you guys are fast. I thought a lot about that yesterday as my speed read "9.6 mph" and I felt like I was really zooming along :D. 15 mph are you kidding me?! 20 mph??? Wow. Wow-a-rama. I can't wait to see some improvement but I'm certainly not expecting to be in that league for a WHILE. Although I know Zach will really push me, and as I ride a few more times I"ll get more confidence (I admit I was a little freaked out a couple of times). I'm not exactly a need-for-speed kinda girl. I'm the girl that cries "slow down" when riding on the back of a motorcycle/jet ski/anything else with a motor. Let's face it, I'm a wuss. That's gotta change.

So, here it is: my first bike ride stats

7.76 miles/42:30/11.0 mph


Oh, and we skipped the gym last night but did curls/rows at home with heavy weights and called it good. Then watched the Warriors win their 1st-round playoff series(Maritza was THERE)and watched Anaheim clinch their round-2 series against Vancouver. Which means we have to play them in the Western Conference Finals. That's pretty cool. If by some miracle Detroit wins our series ;) I hope they cream those f#@!*ing ducks.


Fran said...

Looks like you're turning into a tri girl. We're still waiting for the pictures of the bike...
I would think you would root for your fellow Californian team. As much as I detest the Senators in the regular season, I'm rooting for them now as the only reamining Canadian team.

Phil said...

Nice job getting on the bike. I'm too nervous to ride a road bike, so I just stick with running. You'll get faster and faster I'm sure.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Probably the biggest single thing you can do to improve your speed on the bike is to make sure it is fit properly to you...and yes, there is quite an art to that. The rest comes from getting comforable on it and, you guessed it, proper training.

Of course the real juggling act is translating that cycling speed into being able to run afterwards. When I'm at the top of my game, I could knock out a 20k time trial at 30mph, but I wouldn't be able to run 50 yards afterward. That's what make triathlon so addictive, there are so many variables that it never gets stale.

Enjoy the riding, it is a lot of fun, that's for sure.

jahowie said...

Did you get some cycling shorts? Don't worry the "arse" will get used to it, and the speed will come.